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C2C Roadshow: Kristian Bush, Levi Hummon and Twinnie, Bush Hall

There has been an array of 'C2C Roadshow' shows over the past few days and last night saw the last UK show from Kristian Bush, Levi Hummon and Twinnie (Lindsay Ell having left the tour a few days earlier).The venue for the evening was London's Bush Hall and, whilst it is a venue I have been to before, that was not for a number of years so I was intrigued to re-immerse myself - on a side note I would definitely recommend the Bush Hall Dining Rooms next door for anyone who wants to get some food before a show! Originally billed as a standing show, it was a pleasant surprise to arrive at the venue and find seating set up which allowed for a much more comfortable experience.

British country music artist Twinnie (full name Twinnie Lee Moore) was the first to take to the stage. I had only had limited exposure to her music before last night so wasn't really sure what to expect but she delivered a high quality set only slightly marred by too high a level of echo on her mic wh…

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