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Lindsay Ell - "The Project"

Track listing....
1) Waiting On You - Lindsay Ell, Andrew DeRoberts, Adam Hambrick
2) Champagne - Lindsay Ell, Walker Hayes, Fred Wilhelm
3) Castle - Lindsay Ell, Abbey Cone, Josh Kerr
4) Good - Lindsay Ell, Andrew DeRoberts, Adam Hambrick
5) Wildfire - Lindsay Ell, Kristian Bush
6) Mint - Lindsay Ell, Justin Ebach
7) White Noise - Kelsea Ballerini, Ross Copperman, Josh Kear
8) Criminal - Lindsay Ell, Fred Wilhelm, Chris Stevens
9) Just Another Girl - Lindsay Ell, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne
10) Space - Maggie Chapman, Heather Morgan, Caitlyn Smith
11) Always Kiss The Girl - Bobby Hamrick, Harred Kritzstein, Carly Pearce
12) Worth The Wait - Lindsay Ell, Travis Meadows

Billboard's top country album of 2017, Lindsay Ell's The Project is set to see a formal UK release on 9th March ahead of her appearances as part of this year's C2C Festival. Produced by Kristian Bush, the twelve track release is Lindsay's third album and generally showcases her very well.

For me, the strongest trac…

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