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Introducing....Aubrey Wollett

Florida native Aubrey Wollett recently released her new single Saltwater Gypsy. Described as having a "soulful sound" alongside "Florida beach vibes that will have you craving a margarita by the end of the song", Saltwater Gypsy feels like a perfect addition to any summer playlist. The drum line leads the chilled vibe and grounds the other interweaving melodic lines whilst still leaving an overall production that feels relaxed and natural. Aubrey's distinctive tone undoubtedly lends itself to tracks like these and she sounds completely comfortable - a great track, it'll definitely be interesting to hear what comes of future releases! 
I was recently able to catch up with Aubrey and ask her some questions....
What first drew you to country music?
When I was...probably in elementary school...I started listening to it because my parents did and that was the only thing my dad and I would agree on in the car ride there and back from school! So Shania Twain was lik…

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