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Shania Twain - "Now"

September 29th saw the long awaited release of Shania Twain's fifth studio album, Now. The album comes fifteen years since the release of her last studio album and is also the first release from Shania where all of the songs have been written by solely her. Unfortunately, Now somewhat fails to live up to expectations in my opinion with an overall sound that leaves you missing the spark of past albums such as Up! and Come On Over.
That being said, lead single Life's About To Get Good is one of the strongest tracks on the album and one that is sure to continue to be popular throughout the album's cycle and beyond. Grounded by a distinct country-pop sound with a very catchy beat, the chorus in particular has a very 'singable' quality although - oddly - one thing that stands out after a few listens is the drum beat is quite heavy and is exactly the same through the majority of the track, something that ultimately becomes a little annoying. 
You then, disappointingly, …

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