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Steve Moakler - "Born Ready"

Track listing....
1) Born Ready - Steve Moakler, Luke Laird, Barry Dean
2) Crazy Does - Steve Moakler, Gordie Sampson, Jon Randall
3) Breaking New Ground - Steve Moakler, Ryan Beaver, Neil Medley
4) One Of The Boys - Steve Moakler, Jessi Alexander, Chris Stevens
5) Devices - Steve Moakler, Cary Barlowe, Steven Lee Olsen
6) Hard Not To Love It - Steve Moakler, Luke Laird, Barry Dean
7) Slow Down - Steve Moakler, Morgan Taylor Reid
8) Thirty - Steve Moakler, Troy Verges, Gordie Sampson
9) Nightlife - Steve Moakler, Angelo
10) Chesney - Steve Moakler, Connie Harrington
11) One More Troubadour - Steve Moakler
12) The Last Word - Steve Moakler, Deric Ruttan

Following on the heels of last year's very impressive Steel Town (my album of the year), June 15th marked the release of Steve Moakler's latest album Born Ready. Liberally littered with stand-out songs from an artist who is undoubtedly a rising star, Born Ready is already a possible album of the year in my opinion.

Interestingly, one of the…

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