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Wade Bowen - "Solid Ground"

Track listing....
1) Couldn't Make You Love Me - Wade Bowen, Keith Gattis, Audley Freed
2) Day Of The Dead - Keith Gattis
3) So Long 6th Street - Wade Bowen, Keith Gattis
4) Broken Glass - Wade Bowen
5) Death, Dyin' & Deviled Eggs - Wade Bowen, Jon Randall
6) 7:30 - Wade Bowen, Angaleena Presley, Waylon Payne
7) Acuna - Wade Bowen, Keith Gattis, Audley Freed
8) Compass Rose - Wade Bowen, Andrew Combs
9) Anchor - Wade Bowen, Jeremy Spillman
10) Fell In Love On Whiskey - Wade Bowen, Charlie Worsham
11) Calling All Demons - Wade Bowen, Seth James

Released on 6th February this year, Solid Ground is the latest album from Texas native Wade Bowen. Grounded by a distinctive 'Texas country' sound, Solid Ground has offers a sonic styling that will arguably not be to everyone's taste and, whilst offering glimmers of success, falls slightly short in my opinion.

The intriguingly titled Death, Dyin' & Deviled Eggs for instance is one of the most impressive songs on the album. T…

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