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Introducing....Caitlin Canty

Vermont native Caitlin Canty released her third album Motel Bouquet on 30th March. The singer-songwriter's third album, Motel Bouquet sees Caitlin's Americana style come to the fore on the 10 tracks that form the release.

I was recently able to catch up with Caitlin and ask her some questions....

What was your first experience of music growing up?

That would be singing to my parent's records, probably like any other kid - or to the ones they picked out for children, the "We Sing and Play" [laughs] That's what I'm told is my first experience. I remember singing to Simon and Garfunkel records and cartwheeling around on their blue carpet in our apartment! I think that's the first time I remember singing.

You describe your music as carving 'a line through folk, blues and country ballads', how did you come about that sound?

I'm a song-writer first, I love a song at it's bare bones, whether it's just being sung or played solo. A lot of song…

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