Lizzy McAvoy - 'Lizzy McAvoy'

Lizzy Mcavoy is a 21 year old American singer-songwriter from Nashville. She currently has a self-titled debut album and a newly released EP out however it seems only her album can be purchased in the UK.
I can safely say however that her album is very strong. She has written and produced the entirety of her album, something that in itself is very impressive and is not seen very often. There are only six songs on the album but they show off Lizzy's vocal range brilliantly and still manage to keep a listener hooked. I feel that she will appeal to fans of artists such as Taylor Swift but I also feel she has enough to set her apart from those same artists.

My two favourite songs from Lizzy's album are Saturday Night and Walk My Own Way. Both very strong songs in different ways. Saturday Night is the lead track off her album and one of the more upbeat. It has a steady drum beat throughout which serves to add to the party atmosphere on the track. In contrast to this, Walk My Own Way is slower and has a less frequent drum beat, leading to a more relaxed feel. It is nice to see such a mix of different songs throughout her album, all of which Lizzy pulls off well.

Lizzy's lyrical choices are very clever with lines such as "they keep singing, walk like we walk, talk like we talk, then maybe you can be like us" and "I can't stand this lifestyle, of crying over you, thinking it's not true". Her lyrics pull you along in a story and I look forward to hearing what else she writes. She lists her influences as acts such as Queen, Rascal Flatts, Sugarland and Aerosmith which I find an interesting mix of artists and something that is certainly apparent in her songs.

At the moment Lizzy only seems to be gigging in the US but I certainly hope she finds her way to the UK soon, even as an opening act for a band such as The Band Perry or Lady Antebellum. She is often found posting on her twitter account and seems like a genuinely lovely person. Five stars from me, for a brilliant album and a promising career.


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