Jana Kramer - 'Jana Kramer'

Many people will probably already know Jana Kramer from her time as Alex Dupre on the hit tv show One Tree Hill. She is however also a very strong country singer. Most noteably Jana sang Let's Hear It For The Boy for the 2011 remake of the classic movie Footloose to rave reviews and she has also sung a few times within her role on One Tree Hill.
After releasing a few singles her debut self-titled album was released yesterday and she is also using the opportunity of the CMA festival in Nashville to host an album release party tomorrow night. Jana has some really well written and well sung songs throughout the album, my favourites are probably Whiskey and Why Ya Wanna. There is a relaxed feel about both songs, something Jana does very well.

Her song Whiskey has a slightly tongue-in-cheek, gutsy feel to it, something that drew me to her originally. The song itself has a lovely, catchy melody but when you listen closer to the lyrics you here Jana liken the guy in the song to whiskey in that "the burn and the sting and the high and the heat and the left me wanting more feeling when he kissed me". Another song that has the same feel as Whiskey is I Hope It Rains, a very clever break-up song.

On the other hand, Why Ya Wanna has the same kind of melody but a much softer meaning throughout it, showing hurt and sensitivity well. Even by listening to just a few songs from her album you can see that the meaning behind the lyrics is really important for Jana, something that is very refreshing. Her album as a whole is definitely a welcome addition to any music fan's collection.
I've listened to the album and struggle to pick a least favourite song as each song stands well on it's own. Jana can frequently be found updating fans on both her Facebook and Twitter pages and shared her obvious excitement over the past few weeks in the run up to the release of her debut album. I really hope she finds her way to the UK soon, I'd love to see her live! Five stars for a very promising singer.