Kristina Kidd - 'Burn The Map'

Kristina Kidd is a 23 year old American singer/songwriter. She's originally from Oak Ridge, North Carolina and now lives in Nashville. While I was in Nashville I was able to see her play live at her EP release party. Her EP is entitled Burn The Map and has five brilliant tracks on it, Burn The Map, The Right Man, Georgia Blues, This House and Love, Love, Love, all of which are very strong songs.

My favourite song from the EP is probably The Right Man. I love the thought behind the lyrics and the melody suits Kristina's voice wonderfully. The instrumentation is relatively simple but that just serves to add to the song. The piano is a main feature and that is joined by guitar and drums periodically. Another very strong song is the title track of the EP Burn The Map. It is a very gutsy song, helped by the use of electric guitar and drums but it still has moments where it breaks down and this adds to the interest in the song. It is nice to see the difference between the songs on the EP in melody and instrumentation. Even though there's only five songs there is enough versatility shown on there to keep a listener interested and to also encourage them to continue to follow Kristina's music.

While on stage at her Nashville EP release party Kristina Kidd showcased all of these songs aswell as including some others such as covers of Dolly Parton's Jolene and Jo Dee Messina's Heads Carolina, Tails California, both of which she sung brilliantly and did justice to both songs.
Kristina was joined by her band throughout the show in Nashville. They are all very talented musicians in their own rights and really added to the performance. I'm sure Kristina will do very well and I hope to see a full album and maybe a UK tour soon! She's a lovely person and I wish her all success. Five stars for an already skilled artist with a lot of potential.