Lauren Alaina - 'Wildflower'

WildflowerFans of American Idol will probably already know the name Lauren Alaina. 17 years old, Lauren is best known for coming second in the tenth season of American Idol after losing to Scott McCreery. She released her first album, Wildflower, on 11th October last year which debuted at number five on the US Billboard 200 Chart.
My favourite song from Wildflower is probably Dirt Road Prayer. In my opinion slower songs really suit Lauren's voice and she is already a very good story-teller. Lauren has good control over her vocals and shows this off brilliantly in this song.
Another strong song from her album is I'm Not One Of Them. This song is one of the more gutsy songs on the album. Whilst many singers have long songs on their album it's nice to see an 'anti' love song on an album. The use of the electric guitar helps add to the gutsy feeling of the song and also to differentiate this song from slower songs on the album.

 Warming Up the Crowd
 I tried very hard to pick a least favourite song from the album however I found myself unable to. Wildflower is a good mix of songs that successfully keeps listeners interested. There are some upbeat songs such as Wildflower and Georgia Peaches and then also some slower songs like Dirt Road Prayer and The Locket. Lauren has already opened for many hugely successful country singers, the most recent being opening for Sugarland during their "In The Hands Of The Fans" tour.
I normally have reservations about country singers that have come from American Idol however I'm really impressed by Lauren and I'm sure she will do well in the future. I'd love to see her open her own show and hopefully come over to the UK, even it is as part of a different singer's tour. I'd definitely recommend purchasing Wildflower and suggest listening to the full album as each song brings something different and adds together to make a very strong debut album. Five stars for a very promising young artist.