Maria Jordan - 'Debris'

Manchester based Maria Jordan is a British country singer who has already received rave reviews from fans and press alike. Labeled as "one to watch" by BBC Introducing, Maria has performed alongside The Script, Newton Faulkner and James Morrison as well as writing songs with John McLoughlin (Sandi Thom/Thea Gilmour/Westlife) and Robert Ellis Orrell (Taylor Swift/Reba McEntire).

Maria's second album Debris will be released in January next year and the first single from the album, Better Than Nothing, is set to be released on 19th November. Better Than Nothing stays true to Maria's country roots but also appeals to fans of pop and acoustic rock music. Maria has a very unique voice and having listened to some of her tracks she comes across as a very diverse artist. The strong drum beat throughout the track keeps the tempo up and the levels of instrumentalisation change throughout the track, keeping the listener's interest up. This doesn't however overshadow Maria's strong vocals and I'm sure Better Than Nothing will do very well for her.

Whilst Better Than Nothing starts with a heavy drum beat, Maria's next single, What You Gonna Do is introduced by a soft acoustic guitar hook. Throughout the first 50 seconds the track builds up nicely and launches into the chorus through a drum roll.

Although it will not be released as a single, I also find myself drawn to Another Day. The song has more of a relaxed feel than Better Than Nothing and What You Gonna Do but I find myself tapping my foot along to the beat and wanting to hear it again. It is one of my favourite tracks, the beginning has almost a haunting quality and the chorus builds on the verses but is still soft enough to differentiate from her other songs.

The Forgiving Kind is written by Robert Ellis Orrell and has a darker feel than Maria's other tracks which is helped by the electric guitar hook throughout the beginning of the track. Throughout all of Maria's tracks the production and instrumentalisation is very well done and each track builds up and fades out without overshadowing Maria's vocals.

Having listened to a lot of Maria's songs I'm very impressed by her vocals. She has toured the US and the UK in the past and I hope to get the chance to see her live soon. Maria represents country music in the UK well, five stars from me!