Katie Arminger - 'Fall Into Me'

Katie Armiger is an American country singer-songwriter from Texas. She has released three albums previously (Katie Armiger in 2007, Belive in 2008 and Confessions Of A Nice Girl in 2010) and is set to release her fourth album Fall Into Me tomorrow - 15th January.

All fourteen songs on the album are co-written by Katie, including the lead single Better In A Black Dress. I really like this song, it has a very gutsy feel to it and the instrumentalisation is perfect for the song, similar to that of Tornado by Little Big Town. The message behind the lyrics is very clever and further adds to the appeal.

Katie mixes upbeat and slower songs throughout Fall Into Me very successfully. I am a big fan of one of her slower songs, Safe. The song is written with up-and-coming singer-songwriter Mallary Hope and Mallary also lends her vocals to the track. The softer instrumentalisation really stands out on the track and Katie and Mallary's voices blend really well.

Whilst Better In A Black Dress and Safe are both very good songs, my favourite song is probably Baby You're Everything. The chorus is the stand-out part of the track with lyrics such as "you're the sand beneath my feet, waves crashing on a beach" and once again the production is just right throughout. Katie is only twenty-one but has managed to produce a very mature album, possibly stemming from the amount of time she has spent in the public eye (she released her first album at the age of 15)

My least favourite song from the album is So Long. In principle it is a good song however I feel the instrumentalisation is too strong.  Katie has a really strong vocal and shouldn't need to rely on a heavy production to sell a song, whereas songs with a similar tempo such as Better In A Black Dress have less of a production but still work well.

Fall Into Me track listing....

1) He's Gonna Change - Armiger, Daly
2) Man I Thought You Were - Armiger, Hewitt
3) Playing With Fire - Armiger, Davis, Davis
4) Better In A Black Dress - Armiger, Daly
5) Okay Alone - Armiger, Fuller, Briggs
6) Black And White - Armiger, Carlson
7) I'm Free - Armiger, Carlson, West
8) Merry Go Round - Armiger, Daly, Mills
9) Baby You're Everything - Armiger, Carlson, West
10) Cardboard Boxes - Armiger, Tucker, Nicole
11) Stealing Hearts - Armiger, Kessler
12) Not Too Late - Armiger, Tucker, Ward
13) So Long - Armiger, Wallace, Flynn
14) Safe - Armiger, Hope

Recently I was able to catch up with Katie to ask her some questions....
1)  What song do you wish you had written and why?
'Sweet Dreams' by Patsy Cline. It's such a simple, beautiful song, and everybody has felt that way before.
2)  Which artist from any genre would you like to collaborate with & why?
I'm really in love with Bruno Mars currently. I saw one of his live performances, and was just blown away. I think a collaboration with him would be so fun!
3)  You ran a contest for fans to chose the title for Confessions Of A Nice Girl - how did it feel to put your album in the hands of the fans that much?
It felt great! I had a few select choices in mind, and the fans helped me narrow it down to one. I'm glad that they did, because I think 'Confessions of A Nice Girl' was perfect for the album.
4)  Which is your favorite song to perform live?

Anything off of the new album, currently; it's all still fresh, and so fun to sing live.

5)  Who are your influences?
Patsy Cline, Martina McBride, Linda Ronstadt.
6)  You co-wrote all of the songs on your latest album Fall Into Me, do you find writing songs easy?

Not always, but for this album I did. I had a good idea of what I wanted it to sound like, and so it wasn't too hard to go from there.

7)  What music are you currently listening to?

Little Big Town, Bruno Mars, Mariana's Trench.

8)  What's your favorite part about being a musician?

Just the love of music. I love singing country music, but I am inspired by pretty much all music in general. Just getting to be a part of something so creative.

9)  What's your least favorite part about being a musician?

Travelling is always a love/ hate relationship. Most of the time you love it, but when you miss a holiday, or someone of importance's birthday, that's when it's hard.

10) What advice would you give to someone wanting to make it in the music business?
You must be very dedicated. It's a tough industry, so you really have to enjoy what you're doing for it to work.
Katie is a very strong artist and I'm sure this album will do well for her. I also hope that the Country To Country Festival and various other country tours will tempt Katie to tour the UK soon as I'm sure she will be well recieved.