Blue Sky Riders - 'Finally Home'

Kenny Loggins, Gary Burr and Georgia Middleman form country trio Blue Sky Riders. The idea for the band was originally formed when Kenny Loggins and Gary Burr wrote together for Kenny's 2008 release. They then invited Georgia Middleman to join, thereby creating a trio.

The group's first album Finally Home was released on 29th January this year with every song written by the band. All three are well respected songwriters and I think it is this that really helps contribute to their album. The group's voices really compliment each other and come together to create a strong album.

My favourite song is probably the first track, I'm A Rider (Finally Home). It is a very strong lead song in with Gary Burr and Kenny Loggins sharing lead vocals. The guitar hook and drums set the song off at a good pace and the instrumentalisation is just right. It is worth noting that this video starts with an acapella opening which the actual song doesn't but it serves to show off their voices and great harmonies even more.

I also really like Feelin' Brave. The beginning of the song has quite a Celtic feel to it with the bagpipes and military-style drumming which made me a bit apprehensive at first but the song builds really nicely and is definitely worth listening to.

I feel I need to mention A Thousand Wild Horses. It is one of the groups slower songs and the simple guitar accompaniment really adds to the sincerity of what is ultimately a lovely song.

In terms of my least favourite song, it is probably Windeer Woman. I can see the song's appeal however I feel there are other songs which suit the group more. I also think that in terms of the slower songs on the album A Thousand Wild Horses is a lot stronger.

Blue Sky Riders have only been together as a band for a short while and spent time opening for Kenny Loggins in his solo tour and also headlined a club tour. I really hope they continue to receive good feedback and they chose to come and tour the UK soon!