Holly Williams - 'The Highway'

Holly Williams is an American country singer from Cullman, Alabama and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Holly is the daughter of Hank Williams Jr. and the granddaughter of Hank Williams Sr., giving her some impressive country heritage.

I originally bought Holly's previous album Here With Me without knowing her music or her heritage but having listened to the album I knew I wanted to buy her third release, The Highway. The album is released tomorrow, both in the US and the UK and is definitely worth a listen.

My favourite track from the album is definitely the title track, The Highway. The production on the track is superb with just the right amount of instrumentalisation. The track has a relaxed feel but also builds up nicely throughout and makes me want to keep it playing on repeat.

I am also a big fan of Without You. The song as a whole is similar to The Highway however I feel that the fact that Holly writes (or co-writes) her own songs means that whilst some of the songs on the album may sound similar, the lyrics and melodies are different enough that listeners will stay interested.

Holly is also joined by Dierks Bentley and Gwyneth Paltrow on two of the tracks ('Til It Runs Dry and Waiting On June respectively) - and she is also joined by Jakob Dylan and Jackson Browne on the record. 'Til It Runs Dry is the rockier of the two tracks which suits Dierks Bentley nicely. Waiting On June is written about Holly's grandparents and is another lyric based song. Talking about the song Holly says 
"I wrote it to my grandmother from my grandfather’s perspective. It’s the precise and true story of their entire life together from the beginning to the end. So many relatives, friends and influences are mentioned in this song. It speaks of a simple and sweet time, and all the happiness and tears that come with a long life together."
I have tried hard to find a song I don't like from the album but I really can't find one. This third release from Holly is definitely her strongest and has already received great press reviews. I really like the whole album and hope it does well for her.

Holly also runs H.Audrey, a clothing boutique in Nashville. When I was in Nashville last year I was able to visit the boutique and whilst it is relatively quite expensive, it is a lovely store with some great items from designers such as Rag & Bone and J Brand.
Holly has already released US tour dates up to April (including some solo dates and dates with Jewel, Sheryl Crow and Loretta Lynn separately) and we have also been promised a UK tour at some point in the year. At the moment I'm not sure how extensive that tour will be but I would definitely recommend purchasing tickets once dates are announced.