Thompson Square - 'Just Feels Good'

From the first notes of Everything I Shouldn't Be Thinking About to the last chords of Home Is You, country music duo Thompson Square have produced another infectious album. Husband and wife duo Keifer and Shawna Thompson have had an increasing amount of success throughout the last few years, perhaps culminating in them winning CMA Vocal Duo Of The Year, an award held by Sugarland for a multitude of years.

There has been varying degrees of critical reception for the duo's new album - entitled Just Feels Good. Whilst some critics say it is too much of the same with the majority of the songs being about love, others suggest that everything about the album is better than their debut, self-titled release. I would have to agree with the latter. Whilst I don't question that the majority of the album is about the same few subjects, I don't see that to be a problem. The duo obviously know what they are good at and play off each other well vocally.

I found I couldn't pick a singular favourite song from the album because there are quite a few. Here's To Being Here is about halfway through the selection and is a very upbeat song. The message about "here's to being here with you, ain't no place I'd rather be" is a really nice one and the whole song has an almost party like instrumentalisation to it.

The title track Just Feels Good has a relaxed feel about it with the verses being the real stand-out sections. It's not very often verses stand out more than the chorus but I love the reggae feel to the instrumentalisation and Shawna and Keifer's voices play off each other well.

Everything I Shouldn't Be Thinking About is the lead track and sets a rocky atmosphere from the first few guitar notes. It is a great, tongue-in-cheek track to start the album off with and everything builds from that point.

The autobiographical That's So Me And You shines in the album. The song is co-written by Keifer (alongside Vicky McGehee and Kyle Jacobs) and narrates the story of the Shawna and Keifer's life as a couple. It is a really sweet song and the soft guitar and drums works really well against the duo's vocals.

On the duo's first album I had a least favourite song (One Of Those Days) but I was really happy to not be able to find one on this album. There are certainly songs I prefer over other songs but not enough to call any of them my least favourite song. 

A lot of people have recently been discussing their hopes for Country To Country 2014 (see last weeks blog for more info). I would love to see Thompson Square there. They have yet to tour the UK and I would love to hear their songs live! An absolutely brilliant album that manages to merge upbeat, almost soft rock songs with slower, heartfelt numbers. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.


1)  Everything I Shouldn't Be Thinking About = Keifer Thompson, Shawna Thompson, David Lee Murphy, Brett James
2) Here We Go Again = K. Thompson, S. Thompson, Vicky McGehee, David Fanning
3) You Don't Get Lucky = Murphy, Bob DiPiero, Tom Shapiro
4) That's So Me And You = K. Thompson, McGehee, Kyle Jacobs
5) I Can't Outrun You = Jacobs, Joe Leathers, Ben Glover
6) Testing The Water = Luke Laird, Shane McAnally, Hillary Lindsey
7) For The Life Of Me = K. Thompson, S. Thompson, Murphy, James
8) If I Didn't Have You = K. Thompson, S. Thompson, Jason Sellers, Paul Jenkins
9) Here's To Being Here = K.Thompson, S. Thompson, Murphy, James
10) Just Feels Good = Bobby Pinson, Brad Warren, Brett Warren
11) Maybe It's You = Jacobs, McGehee, Kylie Sackley
12) Run = Ross Copperman, Michael Davey
13) Home Is You = Jon Nite, Jimmy Robbins


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EDIT = Competition has now been won! Thanks everyone!


  1. At The Wheel in Nashville :-) - Jennifer Filer


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