The Band Perry - 'Pioneer'

Country trio The Band Perry originate from Mississippi and signed for Republic Nashville in 2009. Their first self-titled album was released on 12th October 2010 and reached number two on the US Top Country Albums chart (part of the Billboard charts). This has been bettered by the 2nd April 2013 release of their sophomore album Pioneer - with the album hitting number one on the same chart. It also debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart.

The lead single from the album, Better Dig Two was released in October 2012 and has received a lot of support from both fans and critics. It has a darker feel than most of the album and is helped by a very clever instrumentalisation which builds up nicely, starting with clicks and a banjo hook and then progressing through vocals to full instrumentalisation. The song as a whole starts off the album well and sets a rockier tone than the group's previous album.

The title track, Pioneer, is probably my favourite. The song is similar to Better Dig Two with the build-up of the instrumentalisation. It is a very lyric based song and tells a great story. I definitely think it was the right song to use as the title of the album as the lyrics really give a great impression of the direction the band is going in.

Another stand-out song is definitely I'm A Keeper. It is a great up-beat song that makes you want to dance along. A lot of the songs on the new album have much more of a rockier edge than the group's debut album but I think it works well with the bands vocals and the energy that you can hear emanating through the lyrics and the melody.

Unfortunately my least favourite song is Forever Mine Nevermind. Whilst lyrically it is another good song, I do feel that the instrumentalisation is just too heavy for a band who don't need to hide behind that and in my opinion the falsetto choral arrangement about halfway through is un-needed. 

The Band Perry have come to the UK twice before and it has been hinted on social networking sites that they are set to return later this year. I went to see them on their first show and I would definitely recommend anyone going to one of their shows, even if you're not a country fan. They exude such an energy and travel between slower, softer songs and more upbeat, rockier numbers with ease. Pioneer is an album that definitely should be added to anyone's collection and shows how the band have matured in the years in between their two albums.