The Pistol Annies - 'Annie Up'

The Pistol Annies are an American country group comprising of Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley. The trio released their debut album Hell On Heels in 2011 and this is followed by Annie Up which is released today. The album includes twelve tracks, all of which are written by all or some of the trio, something that I find very impressive and is perhaps part of the reason this album is so strong.In my opinion Annie Up is an accomplished release from the trio. One of the stand-out tracks is definitely the Ashley Monroe fronted Blues, You're A Buzzkill. It is one of the slower tracks on the album but the drum beat keeps it moving along well. The simple, stripped back instrumentalisation throughout the track works well and focuses the listeners attention on the lyrics.
Another stand-out is the lead track I Feel A Sin Comin' On. The bluesy track works perfectly as the introduction to the rest of the album and the simple instrumentalisation at the start showcases the group's vocals well. The production ramps up towards the end but it is done cleverly in that it doesn't feel like too much compared to the stripped back start of the track.

 It is also definitely worth mentioning the last song on the album I Hope You're The End Of My Story. A lot of the Pistol Annies songs are gutsy and slightly tongue-in-cheek so this simple love song is a really strong addition to the album. The guitar accompaniment works really well with the song and as with Blues, You're A Buzzkill it serves to focus the listeners attention on to the really strong harmonies. I would however say that at only 2:32 the song is over far too quickly.

Track listing....

1) I Feel A Sin Comin' On - Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe, Angaleena Presley
2) Hush Hush - Lambert, Monroe, Presley
3) Being Pretty Ain't Pretty - Lambert, Monroe, Presley
4) Unhappily Married - Lambert, Monroe, Presley
5) Loved By A Workin' Man - Presley
6) Blues, You're A Buzzkill - Lambert, Monroe, Presley
7) Don't Talk About Him, Tina - Lambert, Presley
8) Trading One Heartbreak For Another - Monroe, Presley
9) Dear Sobriety - Lambert, Monroe 
10) Damn Thing - Lambert, Monroe, Presley
11) Girls Like Us - Lambert, Monroe, Presley
12) I Hope You're The End Of My Story - Lambert, Monroe, Presley 

The Pistol Annies have had a lot of success since forming in 2011 and are starting to do more tour dates as a group, I hope to see them over in the UK on one of those! Whilst their debut album Hell On Heels was a very strong album I do feel that Annie Up is a lot stronger and shows how the trio have developed as both singers and songwriters. The group are certainly less commercial than some of the other country groups at the moment but know what they're good at and seem to enjoy it. They have built a strong fan base already and I'm sure the release of this album will add to that. Annie Up is a brilliant selection of songs that I'd definitely recommend purchasing.