Lady Antebellum - 'Golden'

Lady Antebellum Stays 'Golden' on New Album
After a hugely successful couple of years I doubt whether any country fan will not have heard of Lady Antebellum. The group hope to continue their success with the release of their fourth studio album Golden. The album is released in the UK tomorrow and in the US on Tuesday.

Fans were introduced to Downtown - the first single from the album - in January and the track has since gone to number one. The upbeat track is a great lead single in my opinion and one that fans and critics alike have loved. It features Hillary on lead vocals and the infectious rhythm makes me sure a lot of people will have this song on repeat.

There are a couple of stand out tracks for me on the album, one of which is Can't Stand The Rain. The opening combination of the drum and piano hook is really effective and Charles' vocals work well with the lyrics. With lyrics such as "I'll be your umbrella when you just can't stand the rain" the song tells a great story.

The other stand out track in my opinion is Generation Away. The track is the last on the album however I feel it's definitely worth the wait. There is a definite reggae influence in the track, something that plays well with Singing Me Home from the group's previous album. Whilst the song has a great production, I would say it is also very important to listen to the lyrics fully as they tell a well rounded story.

It is also worth mentioning both Golden and It Ain't Pretty. Both songs are some of the softer songs on the album and both are very well produced. Charles and Hillary take turns with the lead vocals (Charles on Golden and Hillary on It Ain't Pretty) and add a lot of emotion to what are very strong tracks.

Track listing....

1) Get To Me - Hillary Lindsey, James T. Slater
2) Goodbye Town - Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood, Josh Kear
3) Nothin' Like The First Time - Sarah Buxton, Jedd Hughes, Lindsey
4) Downtown - Luke Laird, Shane McAnally, Natalie Hemby
5) Better Off Now (That You're Gone) - Will Hoge, Brian Layson
6) It Ain't Pretty - Nicolle Galyon, Eric Paslay
7) Can't Stand The Rain - Scott, Kelley, Haywood, Kear
8) Golden - Scott, Kelley, Haywood, Paslay
9) Long Teenage Goodbye - Scott, Kelley, Haywood, Lindsey
10) All For Love - Scott, Kelley, Haywood, Dennis Edwards, Jason "Slim" Gambill, Jonathon Long, Chris Tyrell, Clint Chandler
11) Better Man - Kelley, Haywood, Edwards, Gambill, Long, Chandler
12) Generation Away - Scott, Kelley, Haywood, Brad Warren, Brett Warren

Golden is a great album in general. It is similar to a lot of Lady Antebellum's other work which may turn away listeners wanting them to try something different however they have definitely matured as a group since their last album. They have made no secret of going back to the ideas behind the first album and I feel they manage to do that well with a raw but still mature sound. Lady Antebellum certainly air on the more commercial side of country music and whilst this is a very good album, my only negative point would be that I'm not sure this is really enough to set the group apart from their contemporaries, with both The Band Perry and Little Big Town riding high on the successes of their new albums.