Angie Johnson - 'Sing For You'

Angie Johnson is an American singer-songwriter originally from Missouri. She appeared on season two of The Voice US but was unfortunately eliminated in the battle rounds. Since then she has returned to Nashville and released her debut EP Sing For You on 21st May - also the date of her first Grand Ole Opry appearance since joining Sony Music. Angie's musical career began as a member of active duty volunteer entertainers called Tops In Blue whilst working in the US Air Force. After a while she then left her job in intelligence in the Air Force and joined The Air Force Band as a full-time vocalist. In August 2011 on her 7th tour performing for US troops in the Middle East an audience member posted a video on Youtube of the band covering Adele's Rolling In The Deep that has currently received over 3 million hits. This then prompted performances on various talk shows and Angie's stint on The Voice US.
The EP includes four songs - Sing For You, Grandpa's Farm, Run Away and Swagger. The four songs are a good mix, with my favourites being Sing For You and Run Away. Sing For You is a good choice for the title track and really shows off Angie's strong vocals. Written about the military (Angie now serves in the Air National Guard) it also has a really powerful message behind it and the instrumentalisation works really well. This is also in my opinion the stand-out track from the EP.

Run Away is also a very strong song. It is very different to Sing For You in that there is more of a driving beat behind the vocals and whilst the instrumentalisation is a lot heavier I don't feel as though it is overpowering. It is also one of the two tracks on the EP that isn't co-written by Angie but that doesn't diminish the appeal of the song. I would say that I'm not as big of a fan of Grandpa's Farm and Swagger but that is just a matter of personal opinion. The two tracks are certainly more rocky and in my opinion whilst still good, Angie shines on the slower tracks. 

Track listing....

1) Sing For You - Angie Johnson, Catt Gravitt, Josh Leo
2) Grandpa's Farm - Brent Cobb, Adam Hood, Jason Saenz
3) Run Away - Cary Barlowe, Sara Haze, Gravitt
4) Swagger - Johnson, Leo, Phoenix Mendonza

I am definitely excited to see what a full length album from Angie will bring. She hasn't performed in the UK yet and I would certainly love to see her over here! I would recommend buying this EP, it is a great introduction to a talented artist if you haven't already heard from her before and a chance to listen to strong new music for anyone who is already a fan.