The Henningsens - 'The Henningsens'

Regular blog readers may remember my feature on up-and-coming country trio The Henningsens a while ago. I have been a big fan of theirs ever since and was thrilled to hear about the release of a debut album (it was scheduled for 2nd July). That release has unfortunately been delayed but that was through the trio's desire to release more music whilst they were out the road as part of Brad Paisley's Beat This Summer Tour - leading to the release of their debut four track EP. The self-titled release includes American Beautiful, I Miss You, To Believe and The Color Red, all co-written by the group. 
All the songs on the EP show a very cohesive trio. The lead track American Beautiful has been a single since December 2012 and is currently at number 16 on the US Country Airplay chart. The guitar hook helps to make it a very catchy track and the instrumentalisation as a whole makes you want to play the track loud and sing along. 
I Miss You is the first of the new music on the EP. As with the rest of the tracks on the EP it features Clara Henningsen on lead vocals. The track also enables Clara to show a different side of her voice to the rockier American Beautiful. As with all the tracks on the EP the trio's songwriting skills really shine and any listener can feel swept away in the story they are telling.

The Henningsens are extremely good songwriters and this is even more clear in the track To Believe. I really like the message behind the track and I think a lot of people will be able to relate to it. The instrumentalisation builds up nicely throughout the song and supports the vocals rather than overshadowing them.

The Color Red closes the EP. Lyrically it is an very clever track with a person trying to protect someone else from doing something they are sure to regret - Hallelujah, I can't let you kill a man tonight, Cause I'm all that you have left, and you're standing on the edge, Of the color red. Compared to the softer instrumentalisation in the previous two tracks The Color Red has more of a harder, grittier sound to it and certainly succeeds in adding another dimension to a very good EP.

Track listing....

1) American Beautiful - Aaron Henningsen, Brian Henningsen, Clara Henningsen, Brett Beavers
2) I Miss You - A. Henningsen, B. Henningsen, C. Henningsen, Don Poythress
3) To Believe - A. Henningsen, B. Henningsen, C. Henningsen, Jimmy Yeary
4) The Color Red - A. Henningsen, B. Henningsen, C. Henningsen, Lisa Carver

Clara Henningsen takes lead vocals in the EP and her voice is very versatile but I would definitely be interested to hear Brian and Aaron Henningsen take lead vocals in a track or two in the album. I would definitely recommend purchasing this EP, it is a great introduction to the trio and also promises an even better full-length album. The Henningsens are currently opening for Brad Paisley on his Beat This Summer tour and we have been told that Brad's tour will come to the UK later this year. Whilst there is usually a different opening act for a UK leg of a tour I certainly hope this very talented trio will accompany Brad over to the UK, I'd love to see them live.