Gretchen Wilson - 'Right On Time'

Gretchen Wilson is a name I'm sure will be known to many country music fans. April's release of Right On Time marks her first release in three years. This is also the first record to be released on her own label Redneck Records and the first of three to be released this year.

Right On Time is a very diverse album and travels between country, rock and blues. The lead single, Still Rollin', is a very strong track and in my opinion is the best on the album. The instrumentalisation is very good and the soft rock feel of the track suits Gretchen well. 

The title track Right On Time is one of the slower on the album but the simple instrumentalisation allows Gretchen's vocals to show through. The track has a very bluesy feel and I feel it works really well as well as having a great message behind the lyrics.

Whilst this is a good album and definitely brings Gretchen back into the public eye I do feel that some of rockier songs on the album have too much going on and don't really gel with the slower songs. I think it is certainly good for artists to show their versatility throughout an album however I feel there are some songs that seem a bit out of place. Get Outta My Yard is one of those tracks, there just seems to be too much going on throughout and in my opinion it certainly isn't strong enough to be the lead track. 

Gretchen hasn't been over to the UK for a long time and I would certainly be interested to attend a gig if she did decide to come back. I would recommend that people listen to a couple of the tracks first before purchasing this album as I don't think everyone will like it however I would certainly say give it a chance, the slower tracks are very strong as are a couple of the more up-tempo tracks such as The Well Run Dry. As I mentioned previously, listeners can expect another two albums from Gretchen this year, one of which will be an album of rock covers entitled Under The Covers