'Nashville' soundtrack

The announcement of the tv show Nashville left many country fans excited but also apprehensive as to how it would be received - certainly over here in the UK. In my opinion this show has certainly contributed to the surge in popularity of country music in the UK. Whilst at times being too focused on too much drama I feel the songs are included smoothly and the producers have found a very talented cast. 

The second volume of the soundtrack for season one was recently released and it was that that I wanted to focus upon. It features eleven very well written and well performed songs included a cover of The Lumineers hit Ho Hey and Bitter Memory penned by Lucinda Williams. My main negative from this volume of the soundtrack is that it doesn't feature any tracks from Charles Esten, (other than on the deluxe version) someone who I feel is a very strong singer. It does however include tracks from the rest of the main cast.
I would have to say one of the stand-out tracks from the album is Lennon Stella and Maisy Stella's (Daphne and Maddie Conrad) performance of Ho Hey. The only other track from them comes on the first part of the soundtrack and is a cover of Telescope. I really wasn't a fan of this so was thrilled when they performed a brilliant version of this song. Having also spoken to other music fans - both country fans and other genres - many people picked this track as their favourite from the album and even from the show so far. The folk feel to the track really suits the sisters, it is however unfortunate that the track is the second shortest at only 2:07.

Another stand-out is Hayden Panettiere's (Juliette Barnes) cover of Patty Griffin's We Are Water. It is in stark contrast to her more pop orientated performances from the first half of the series and also fits in well with her character's development. I was originally sceptical as to Hayden's inclusion in the cast having not heard her sing before this show but am very pleasantly surprised - her cover of Undermine is also a favourite of mine. This track has a very strong instrumentalisation and manages to sound both soft and strong. 
Without the atmosphere of the show around it I have found myself skipping past tracks from Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen (Gunner and Scarlet) on the past volume however I Will Fall makes me want to do completely the opposite and keep repeating it. Their voices work really well together and the heartfelt song suits the both of them. 
Track listing....
1) Fade Into You - written by Matt Jenkins, Shane McAnally, Trevor Rosen - performed by Sam Palladio, Clare Bowen
2) Ho Hey - written by Jeremy Fraites, Wesley Schultz - performed by Lennon Stella, Maisy Stella
3) Gun For A Mouth - written by David Poe - performed by Sam Palladio
4) We Are Water - written by Patty Griffin - performed by Hayden Panettiere
5) Looking For A Place To Shine - written by Natalie Hemby, Angela Lauer - performed by Clare Bowen
6) Stronger Than Me - written by Sarah Buxton, Kate York - performed by Connie Britton
7) Bitter Memory - written by Lucinda Williams - performed by Connie Britton
8) Let There Be Lonely - written by Laura Rogers, Lydia Rogers, Gordie Sampson - performed by Jonathan Jackson
9) Hypnotizing - written by Cary Barlowe, Steve Robson, Caitlyn Smith - performed by Hayden Panettiere
10) I Will Fall (studio version) - written by Tyler James, Kate York - performed by Sam Palladio, Clare Bowen
11) Nothing In This World Will Ever Break My Heart Again - written by Sarah Buxton, Kate York - performed by Hayden Panettiere

Deluxe edition includes
12) Consider Me - performed by Hayden Panettiere 
13) Keep Asking Why - performed by Jonathan Jackson
14) You Ain't Dolly - performed by Clare Bowen, Chris Carmack 
15) Matchbox Blues - performed by Charles Esten
16) Shine - performed by Sam Palladio

Whilst I liked the first volume of the soundtrack I do feel that this volume really exceeds that and is a very strong collection of songs. Some of the artists have recently debuted at the Grand Ole Opry which also shows the respect that the music is receiving from the country music community. The series also seems to have received a very positive response from outside the country music community, perhaps fermented by the chart success. If you are a fan of the show or of country music I would definitely recommend purchasing this soundtrack and even if you are neither I would suggest listening to it.