Kacey Musgraves - 'Same Trailer, Different Park'

If you are a fan of country music you have probably heard the name Kacey Musgraves by now. The twenty-four year old Texan has been making a strong impression in country music with her new album Same Trailer Different Park and her various songwriting credits. Same Trailer Different Park is her fourth studio album but is the first to chart - the other albums being 2002's Movin' On, 2003's Wanted : One Good Cowboy and 2007's Kacey Musgraves. In terms of songwriting credits she has also written When You Love A Sinner for Martina McBride, Mama's Broken Heart for Miranda Lambert and Get Outta My Yard for Gretchen Wilson and her track Undermine was used in the TV show Nashville.

After not initially liking her first single Merry Go 'Round it has taken me a while to listen to the whole album but I was eventually persuaded to and I'm glad I did. Kacey's music strays less towards the country-pop of some of her contemporaries and travels through rockabilly and country folk primarily. I did feel some of the tracks on the album are only average - I particularly disliked Merry Go 'Round and Stupid. Merry Go 'Round I found to be a bit dull and in complete opposition to this I found Stupid to be a bit overproduced and heavy on the instrumentalisation, something that is certainly not needed. 

Whilst there were some tracks I didn't like, I also found there to be some gems scattered throughout the album. Silver Lining is the first track on the album and in my opinion is one of the strongest. The instrumentalisation is perfect for the track and Kacey's vocals work really well. As with all the tracks on the album Silver Lining is co-written by Kacey and I feel this helps her pour emotion into the song. It is a very strong song to open an album on and to introduce prospective fans to her music. 

Kacey's second single Blowin' Smoke shows a different side than Merry Go 'Round and something that is in my opinion a lot more interesting. The bluesy influences of the song work well against Kacey's vocals and once again the instrumentalisation is perfect. The message behind the song is a good one as well and I would definitely recommend listening to the lyrics closely. 

Track listing....

1) Silver Lining - Kacey Musgraves, Shane McAnally, Josh Osbourne
2) My House - Musgraves, McAnally, Osbourne
3) Merry Go 'Round - Musgraves, McAnally, Osbourne
4) Dandelion - Musgraves, McAnally, Brandy Clark
5) Blowin' Smoke - Musgraves, McAnally, Luke Laird
6) I Miss You - Musgraves, Laird, Osbourne
7) Step Off - Musgraves, McAnally, Laird
8) Back On The Map - Musgraves, Laird
9) Keep It To Yourself - Musgraves, McAnally, Laird
10) Stupid - Musgraves, McAnally, Osbourne
11) Follow Your Arrow - Musgraves, McAnally, Clark
12) It Is What It Is - Musgraves, Clark, Laird

Whilst I would call Same Trailer Different Park a very strong album overall there are some tracks that don't particularly grab me. I would recommend listening before purchasing to anyone who is unsure - in my opinion the best tracks are Silver Lining, My House, Blowin' Smoke, I Miss You and Keep It To Yourself.