Sarah Darling - 'Little Umbrellas'

Whilst Sarah Darling is currently without a label, she has recently released what in my opinion is perhaps the best song of her career, Little Umbrellas. The track was released digitally in the US on 4th June and has just been released in the UK. Co-written by Sarah, Rob Crosby and Doug Johnson, Little Umbrellas is described as "three minutes of fun". The opening guitar riff and hand claps set the mood for an upbeat summery tune. They continue through each verse and are joined by drums after the first verse. The slow build up of the instrumentalisation allows for a very successful transition between the first verse and first chorus and then heightens the summery mood once the drums join.
The video for the track has also been released recently (3rd July) although is not available to download in the UK at the moment. The video is very cleverly produced in that it serves to heighten the light-hearted mood of the track. It was filmed in Nashville and whilst not at a beach (Sarah has said she originally wanted to film it there) I think it is a brilliant setting from what we can see. 

Lyrically the song flows well. She opens the vocals with "oh oh he broke your heart, girl what you gonna do? have a pity-party in the dark, well I've got a better idea for you" which then launches into the idea of having fun and moving on rather than brooding over a finished relationship. Around two minutes into the song the instrumentalisation emphasises the slight change of theme - the listener's attention is drawn to the 'cabana boy' - with hand clapping introduced and the rest of the instrumentalisation stripped back. The lyrics continue into "hey hey cabana boy, what you doing later on tonight? hey hey cabana boy I bet you look good in the moonlight" with the reintroduction of the original instrumentalisation after the first refrain.

Sarah's last single was the hit track Home To Me. It was incredibly well received by fans and press alike however failed to chart higher than number 34 (on the Hot Country Songs chart). As I mentioned previously I think Little Umbrellas is a brilliant track that I think it will have a lot of appeal which I hope means it will chart well. Whilst some reviewers have discounted the track's appeal to men I would agree with Sarah's comment that "they want to do the same thing - they want to get with their buddies, and kick back and relax" although I would certainly say that I think it will appeal more to women overall. I was lucky enough to be able to see Sarah live at the Grand Ole Opry last year, she delivered a very assured performance and I really hope she tours the UK soon.