100TH BLOG POST! - You better Shoot Straight


Country trio Michaelis comprises sisters Mallory, Meagan and Madeline (Michaelis is their last name) and originates from Sugar Land, Texas. Their debut single Shoot Straight has recently been released and has received praise from fans and press alike. 

The catchy track calls on elements of rock and blues as well as country and really suits the girl's voices with Meagan taking the lead vocals. There is a definite earthy Pistol Annies vibe about the trio but in my opinion they will appeal to fans of all aspects of country. 

With an opening hook from the slide guitar and drums the instrumentalisation of the track starts well and continues well throughout. There are different levels of sound with different instruments coming in and out however the track is produced very well in that you never feel as though the vocals are overshadowed. 

Writing their own songs allows Michaelis to deliver a strong heartfelt performance and throughout Shoot Straight you feel as though they are singing from experience. With lyrics such as "just shoot straight with me" and "you can leave, just don't leave me in the dark" the track is a smart request to know the truth behind a guy's feelings, with Meagan describing the song as "I’m not going to be a clingy girl that is going to make you try to fall in love with me. Just tell me what you really want and let’s get it over with". 

The trio have spent the last two years working with Nashville based producer Dave Brainard (Jerrod Niemann, Brandy Clark) on their debut album and all of them agree the songs are what it is all about. "We took so much time perfecting and trying to come up with something that was special" says Meagan when asked about their writing and recording regimen.

I am very excited to hear that a debut album is in the works from the trio - I will certainly be buying it! Shoot Straight is available both in the UK and internationally and I would definitely recommend purchasing the brilliant track!

I was recently able to catch up with the girls and ask them some questions....

Which song do you wish you had written and why?
"I Believe in You" recorded  by Don Williams, written by Roger Cook and Sam Hogin. This song is simply brilliant. It's timeless...which you don't hear very much anymore - Mallory
Which artist from any genre would you like to collaborate with and why?
Ryan Bingham! I'm such a huge fan - musically & aesthetically. I wanna be the girl version of him - Mallory 
Lately, I'm very inspired by the strong woman message in Beyonce's music and think it would be a blast to write something with her. Or at least hang out with her and pick up on some of her beautiful confidence - Meagan
My favourites are John Mayer & NeedToBreathe!!! - Madeline
How would you describe your music?
Rugged runway. It's Texas, electric, a little hippie, old school country mixed with girl power. We call it Country-Western-Rock-N-Texan - Michaelis 
Do you find it easy or hard it write songs?
Depends on the day really. We write with some of our dearest friends, so whether we finish a song that day or not, it's always full of laughs and good memories. We each have our specific song writing talents and styles so when we come together to work on an idea, it's a really well rounded effort. There's no pressure when we are writing and that's the most important thing for us. These songs were written out of truly inspired moments of saying what we needed to say. It all starts with a song! - Meagan 
What Meagan said! But I'll add on that snacks are key - Mallory 
It's hard - Madeline
What is the hardest song you've written?
From our first album, probably "Shoot Straight", our single. The first version of this song is completely different melodically and rhythmically. It was re-written by Mallory and Dave Brainard so Mallory could sing lead. But I loved it so much I stole it from her - Meagan 
You are a trio of sisters, how is it working that closely with your family?
People think it's weird, but honestly we are all best friends. We live together, work together, eat together, exercise together. It's girl time 24/7. We don't fight about anything really but Zac Efron, what's for dinner, Brad Pitt and shrinking each other's clothes - Mallory
What is your favourite part about being a musician?
The lifestyle. There's no set path. It's about keeping an open mind, but knowing yourself. There's a freedom to it because being an artist is all about creativity - Meagan 
And if you're a good one, you never stop learning! - Madeline 
I love the late nights! The hours are fun - Mallory
What is your least favourite part about being a musician?
The late nights - Meagan 
Also the work is so personal, sometimes it's hard to take criticism on something that represents you and your life and your heart - Meagan
What advice would you give to someone wanting to be a musician?
Don't quit. Life is about using your gifts and being happy. And if you don't see yourself playing big stages, there's plenty of ways to share your talent. There should be more music in the world - Mallory
Any plans to tour the UK soon?
No, but I guarantee if you have a gig for us we would be there so fast! Never been to the UK, but have always wanted to go (Meagan thinks she has a good English accent. She needs to learn the truth...Ha!) - Mallory


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Thanks to you all for all your support throughout 100 blog posts!