Dierks Bentley - 'Home'

Home is American country singer Dierks Bentley's sixth studio release for Capitol Records. The album was released last year however has become current in the UK again due to last week's announcement of the line-up for next year's C2C: Country To Country festival and the inclusion of Dierks. I have admittedly never listened to much of his music, only encountering singles such as Tip It On Back and Up On The Ridge but I was pleasantly surprised by the strength of the album.
About halfway through the album is the track When You Gonna Come Around featuring Karen Fairchild from country group Little Big Town. This track is by far my favourite from the album, I think their voices mix really well and the instrumentalisation is just right. One of the softer tracks on the album, When You Gonna Come Around tells the story of a developing relationship and both Dierks and Karen deliver strong, emotive vocals.

I also really like singles Home and Tip It On Back. Home has a soft feeling when the track starts but builds up really nicely throughout. Dierks' vocals really shine on the softer tracks in my opinion and Home has a good pace to it that keeps the track moving along well. The instrumental breakdown at about three minutes in is really effective as well and again highlights Dierks strong vocals. Tip It On Back has a rockier feel to it than Home and works well other than the guitar riff about halfway through which feels a bit overpowering on a track that is otherwise very good.

Whilst 5-1-5-0 has been very successful for Dierks I find the track to be a bit too heavy on the production for an artist who I think sounds better on the softer tracks where his vocals can really come across. Tracks on the album such as Breathe You In really differ from 5-1-5-0 and in my opinion the later track is by far the stronger of the two. I would however say 5-1-5-0 is a very catchy song and I am assured it is great live.

Track listing....
1) Am I The Only One - Dierks Bentley, Jim Beavers, Jon Randall
2) Gonna Die Young - Jason Delkou, Eric Paslay, Bruce Wallace
3) Tip It On Back - Ross Copperman, Jon Nite, Tully Kennedy
4) Home - Bentley, Brett Beavers, Dan Wilson
5) Diamonds Make Babies - J. Beavers, Lee Thomas Miller, Chris Stapleton
6) In My Head - Marv Green, Paul Jenkins, Jason Sellers
7) Breathe You In - Bentley, Marty Dodson, Ryan Tyndell
8) The Woods - Bentley, Randall, Jaren Johnston
9) When You Gonna Come Around (with Karen Fairchild) - Jamie Hartford, Gary Nicolson
10) 5-1-5-0 - Bentley, B. Beavers, J.Beavers
11) Heart Of A Lonely Girl - Travis Howard, Charlie Worsham
12) Thinking Of You - Bentley, J. Beavers

I'm really excited to hopefully get to hear Dierks live next year and I would recommend that everyone buy this album. He is a great vocalist and delivers very emotive performances of the tracks. Listeners can expect a new album from Dierks (entitled Riser) later on this year and you can click on the links to hear singles Bourbon In Kentucky and I Hold On.


  1. RISER is slated for a January release. If you think Home is a strong album, RISER is even more so. The songs evoke strong emotion capitalizing on Dierks, gritty,solid baritone. Not all of the album will be emotionally wrought however, Drunk On a Plane is a fun heartbreak romp. Dierks is known for putting albums together, not just a collection of songs. Expect RISER to be one of his strongest efforts yet as an artist. In Dierks' words: "It comes from the Heart".


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