Gary Quinn - 'Gary Quinn'

British country music singer-songwriter Gary Quinn has recently released his debut self-titled album. Gary has released multiple EPs in the past and turned to his fans to help finance his album (via Pledge Music). He is becoming an increasingly better known name after playing concerts such as the CMA Songwriter Series concert earlier this year in London and as part of CMA Music Fest last year in Nashville.
His album portrays a very accomplished sound with a welcome focus upon Gary's vocals. He Don't Show Her Anymore is, in my opinion, one of the stand-out tracks from the album. The stripped back instrumentalisation works well and Gary delivers an emotive, strong vocal. With lines such as "he might say he loves her, he don't show her anymore" and "as his career is on the rise, she falls further from his eyes", the track also highlights Gary's songwriting talents. He Don't Show Her Anymore has also gained a Song Of The Year nomination at this year's British Country Music Awards.

Another highlight is the soft-sounding Rewind. Instrumentally similar to He Don't Show Her Anymore, in my opinion tracks like this are where Gary's voice really shines. The softer instrumentalisation that grows and fades also adds an extra dynamic to the track. The reoccurring movie imagery through lines like "as the reel of fate rolls on" and "just like time the storyline must go on" works really well .

Track listing....
1) Spoken Like A Man
2) He Don't Show Her Anymore
3) The Power Of Me And You
4) I Love To Watch You Leave
5) Dodge Your Bullet
6) Live Each Day
7) I Forgot About You
8) Day I Find Love
9) On Your Way Out
10) Rewind

Whilst one of my least favourite tracks on the album, On Your Way Out is sure to appeal to fans of a more upbeat side to Gary's vocals. The punchy instrumentalisation gives the track a gutsier feel than some of the others however as previously said I prefer the more stripped back side to Gary's voice.

I would definitely recommend checking out Gary's album, he is a very strong singer and delivers a sincere, emotive performance throughout. It's great to see such strong music coming out of Britain! Gary is also one-fourth of the acts performing at Grand Union Gig Guide Songwriter's Evening this weekend (he is joined by Raintown, Jeannine Barry and Hannah Jane Lewis) I'm sure it's going to be a great night and I'll be reviewing it so keep an eye out!