Hannah Jane Lewis - 'Hannah Jane Lewis'

British country singer-songwriter Hannah Jane Lewis released her debut self titled EP on Sunday 10th November in the UK and Tuesday 12th in the US. The EP includes tracks Missing Piece, 17 Again, My Time and The Worst Way.
EP opening track The Missing Piece sets the tone well and the instrumentalisation is a good accompaniment to Hannah's vocals. Whilst the instrumentalisation increases in the chorus it doesn't overpower her vocals. Fans of Hannah will be able to listen to this track and many others on her YouTube channel however it is nice to be able to hear the studio version and see how the song has been developed.
17 Again is my favourite track to hear live, with it's strong staccato bass line throughout and the drum and acoustic guitar addition in the chorus. The staccato bass gives the track a good rhythm and once again Hannah delivers a strong vocal. The grittier sound of the track adds another dynamic to the EP as a whole and this continues to be my favourite track.
This is followed by My Time, perhaps the softest track on the EP. The stripped back instrumentalisation allows for a real focus on Hannah's vocals and the story behind the track. With lines such as "what if I don't wanna wait for stars to align" and "the tick of the clock is on repeat on my mind" Hannah delivers an emotive performance and tells the story of the track well. Towards the end of the track the instrumentalisation strips right back which showcases Hannah's vocals really well and also keeps the listener interested.
The EP is closed with reggae inspired The Worst Way. The arrangement of the track works really well and is incredibly catchy, I find everytime I listen to the track I can't help but tap my foot along. Whilst The Missing Piece and My Time are quite similar melodically, both this track and 17 Again add another dimension and both tracks are delivered professionally. I have not seen this arrangement of the track live but I can imagine it's great to hear, Hannah has in fact said it is really fun to perform.

I was recently able to catch-up with Hannah for an interview which you can read here and she was also part of the inaugural Grand Union Songwriter's Evening on the day of her UK EP release. You can read my review of that evening here
Overall Hannah is a very talented singer-songwriter who am I sure will do well in the future. I would definitely recommend purchasing to her EP, she delivers a strong vocal and is accompanied by a very professional sounding band. It is also nice to see a new British country vocalist delivering such strong material.