Merry Christmas everybody!


It's been a great year for Hitting All The Right Notes and I just wanted to take the time to say a few specific thank-yous for the support. 

Lisa Redford, Katie Armiger, Raihanna Estrada, Angie Johnson, Florida Georgia Line, Holly Williams, Gwen Sebastian, Raintown, Gary Quinn, Jeannine Barry, Hannah Jane Lewis, Michaelis and Kristen Kelly have all given up their time to be interviewed for my site this year so a huge thank-you has to go out to each of them and it's also been great to be able to meet some of them this year - as well as LeAnn Rimes! Also a big thank-you to the artists for re-posting their features and their publicists who helped make this happen. 

It's been great to get involved with Grand Union Gig Guide ( and Country Muse UK ( this year. Both teams are lovely people and I'm thrilled to be able to have my writing showcased on both sites and to also be invited to the Grand Union Songwriter's Evening as press just last month.

Gigs have been brilliant with the year starting off at the C2C: Country To Country Festival (where I got to see my favourite band, Little Big Town live!) and ending with the Grand Union Songwriter's Evening, something that I was really proud to be able to be involved in. I've also been able to see Holly Williams, Eric Church and LeAnn Rimes live, each one amazing!

I'm heading back to Nashville next year so I hope to be able to meet some of the American artists I've featured this year and maybe discover some new music. I was reading back my Christmas blog from last year and saw I mentioned how three features had gone over 100 views, well this year thirty-four have gone over 100 with my review of LeAnn Rimes' Birmingham gig currently sitting on 1558. I've already got a few interviews and features planned with some great artists for next year so I hope that readership will continue to grow.

Thank-you to you the reader especially. Even if this is the first article you're reading or if you've been with me since the start of my blog you are incredibly appreciated. Thank-you all for any re posting you've done as well, this really helps me reach a wider audience! I hope you will keep reading! Once again thanks, you are so valued!

Have a great Christmas!