Jules Larson - 'Let's Stay Young'

I was recently introduced to the music of Los Angeles native Jules Larson. Her first full album release - entitled Let's Stay Young - was released on 29th May 2012 but I definitely think the album deserves a listen to. With a sound like a cross between Sheryl Crow, Sara Bareilles and Grace Potter, Jules' indie sound travels between upbeat, rocky numbers to softer, more relaxed tunes.

Listening through the album I found myself drawn to Running Wild. The production builds up nicely from a repeated piano accompaniment through to drums, guitar and piano in the chorus. Whilst the instrumental levels grow and fade through the track it doesn't feel overpowering at any point and Jules vocals seem at ease throughout. This is probably my favourite track on the whole album.
The first track of hers I heard was her brilliant cover of True Colors. I have always thought this song is lovely and Jules delivers her own take. The use of the soft piano accompaniment and violin gives a complete focus on the vocals and Jules delivers a very emotive performance. 

I Want It All sounds like it comes straight from a Grace Potter & The Nocturnals album (which is in no way a bad thing!) and that indie rock feel shows how versatile Jules is. The track has also been previously released as a single and lyrics such as "I'm standing tall so don't make me crawl" and "I want it all, I can't think at all" are delivered with a punchy conviction.

Whilst overall I think the mix of tracks throughout the album is a good mix, I do find Strangers a little too mournful. Lyrically, with lines such as "we're just strangers, breathing the same air" as the backbone to the track, as a listener you find yourself drawn into the story however I find myself wanting a heavier beat behind the track and more of a pace to it.

Track listing....
1) Let's Stay Young - Jules Larson 
2) Children Of Stereo - Jules Larson, Leonard Jackson
3) Rocketship - Jules Larson
4) I Want It All - Jules Larson, Rich Jacques
5) Running Wild - Jules Larson
6) Broken Lines - Jules Larson
7) Strangers - Jules Larson
8) Foolish Love - Jules Larson
9) True Colors - Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg
10) How It Ends - Jules Larson 

Overall I think this album is very impressive and shows Jules' versatility throughout. She carries impressive vocals and is also a talented songwriter - having written nine out of the ten tracks on this release. Definitely recommended for fans of Sheryl Crow, Sara Bareilles and Grace Potter but I would definitely recommend a listen anyway!

Jules has yet to tour the UK and I hope she will venture over here soon! This album is Jules' only full length release however Jules Larson + AG is her most recent release and both are available in the US and internationally.