Logan Brill - 'Walking Wires'

Logan Brill, Walking WiresI have recently been introduced to the music of Knoxville native Logan Brill. Her debut album Walking Wires was released in October 2013 and has received a large positive reception. The album includes ten tracks written by Logan and her fellow Carnival Music writers (there are also two tracks from Paolo Nutini and one from Patty Griffin) One of the Paolo Nutini originals sticks out for me - Rewind. Instrumentally similar to the original, the track has a heavier production and works well against Logan's Americana style vocals.

Month Of Bad Habits is one of the rockier tracks on the album and shows another side to Logan's versatile vocals. The production is firmly led by the driving drum beat and electric guitar riffs and the opening instrumental breakdown when Logan's vocals first enter - and at various other times in the track -  is very effective with just hand claps and a single repeating drum beat as the accompaniment in the first instance. The track is a whole is very catchy and I am sure will be played a lot by listeners (I have certainly listened to it quite a few times!)

Ne'er Do Wells takes a few listens to get used to in my opinion, from it's multiple busy electric guitar solos to the 'American work song' feel throughout. This stands out even more considering the majority of the album sits at a slower pace and even the rockier songs are more restrained than this. Logan undoubtedly travels smoothly through the track throughout but the production can feel too busy at points.
Logan Brill, Walking WiresLogan has co-written two of the tracks on the album, Scars and Write It On Your Heart. The acoustic guitar and drum accompaniment work well together in Scars and the male backing vocals that are featured at points also serve to add another dimension to the track. Lines such as 'your love was like a hurricane, should've seen it coming from a mile away' and 'if I survive this broken heart, soon you'll be another scar' develop a story that will be relatable to many listeners.

Write In On Your Heart has a softer instrumentalisation, primarily led by a restrained acoustic guitar line and the instrumentalisation supports a really emotive vocal from Logan. The inclusion of the track after the rocky Ne'er Do Wells is a clever decision and the contrast between the two is a distinction that is certainly successful.

One of the stand out tracks on the album is the Heather Little and Travis Meadows co-write Seven Year Rain. Logan's heartfelt performance will certainly draw listeners in, with lines such as 'holler good and loud you get one last fit to throw' and 'call it love ain't no such thing and I'm tired of this seven year rain' setting up a strong message throughout. This is another instance where the talented group of musicians Logan has gathered support her rather than overshadow the vocals and the strength of the song is cemented by this.

Track listing....
1) No Such Thing As Ghosts - Chris Stapleton, Lee Miller
2) Month Of Bad Habits - Andrew Combs, Doug Johnson
3) Scars - Logan Brill, Jordan Dean
4) Nobody's Crying  - Patty Griffin
5) Rewind - Paolo Nutini, Jim Duguid
6) Seven Year Rain - Heather Little, Travis Meadows
7) Ne'er Do Wells - Audra Mae
8) Write It On Your Heart - Logan Brill, Jason Saenz
9) Tricks Of The Trade - Paolo Nutini
10) Fall Off The Face Of The Earth - Chris Stapleton, Barry Dean

Recommend tracks - Nobody's Crying, Month Of Bad Habits, Write It On Your Heart, Seven Year Rain

As a whole, Walking Wires is a really impressive album and I am confident that Logan Brill will do well in the future. The mix of song writers works well however I will be interested to see if Logan builds more upon her own song writing in future releases. I would definitely recommend this album, really talented artist that has a lot of promise!