Gwen Sebastian - 'Small Town Soul'

Small Town Soul is American country singer-songwriter Gwen Sebastian's newest single from her as yet unannounced second album. Some readers may remember my interview with Gwen and feature on her debut self-titled album last year (you can find it here). Released on June 17th and written by Nicolle Galyon and Hailey Steele, this is the first new music available for fans since the aforementioned debut album release.
As with her album, Gwen delivers a strong vocal throughout this track. The overall production also suits the tone of her voice well and both combine to make the track a really good choice as a lead single. The evident banjo and fiddle usage in the short instrumental introduction with the acoustic guitar and percussion sets up the track well and with the percussion providing the majority of the bass line to the track the production levels of the rest of the instruments (continued banjo, acoustic guitar and fiddle use) are such that they blend with each other and with Gwen's vocals very well. Production wise the track is probably most similar to Suitcase, Gwen's previous lead single.
Lyrically, lines such as "where I'm going God only knows, I leave a little piece of me everywhere I go" and "got a suitcase full of high heels, little home on eighteen wheels" tell a story of staying true to yourself throughout a musical, touring environment and how "you can't take the small town from the small town soul". Hailey and Nicolle are undoubtedly talented songwriters (you can see this from previous tracks written by either of them!) The lyrics are certainly relatable and Gwen embraces the track.

Gwen impresses yet again with this track and it is one of her best (and one of my favourites!) Unfortunately not yet available in the UK, I would definitely recommend listening to the track if you are able to. Keep an eye out for it's presumed inclusion on her next album!