The Rising - 'Coming Home'

album coverThe Rising are a country rock trio from Belfast, Ireland and are set to release their debut album Coming Home on 25th August. Featuring ten tracks, the album is their first as a trio however the band emerged from an earlier band, EXIT, looking for more of a roots sound than the rock sound EXIT had. Unfortunately I found that once I had listened to a few tracks I found myself wanting something even less rocky.
Whilst the trio are undoubtedly strong musicians and the album displays a professional sounding production, most of the songs unfortunately feel lacking in lyrical depth with a lot of phrases repeated frequently. The album as a whole also has quite a pronounced rock sound and it would be nice to see some more differentiation in the tracks.

Highway To The Lost & Found is perhaps the most overtly rock influenced track with an opening pacey electric guitar section that leaves no doubt the direction the track is going. The unrelenting nature of the production becomes a little overpowering at points, primarily through the heavy electric guitar and drum use. The vocal distortion effect at around three minutes in also ferments in my mind the overall rock sound of the track.

Debut single Still Coming Home To You is perhaps the most country sounding track on the album however the banjo and electric guitar tempo is played at two different tempos and the instruments do not work together at all. The production would benefit even more from a thinning out of the instruments in my opinion, especially considering the rest of the tracks on the album, however the track is quite catchy and serves as a good lead single, a track that will most likely be the first thing new listeners will hear from the trio.

Track listing....
1) Calling You
2) Break The Chains
3) City By The Sea
4) Still Coming Home To You
5) Dreaming & Scheming
6) Highway To The Lost & Found
7) Shadows On The Wall
8) Label Girl
9) Man On The Moon
10)  Return To The Moon

I would certainly be more likely to categorise The Rising as more of a soft rock group rather than roots or country, certainly their production choices go along with that and their voices are certainly more suited to a soft rock sound. If you listen to this album, don't be expecting a country band, I would probably recommend country fans purchase the single Still Coming Home To You as, as aforementioned, the rest of the album has a strong rock focus. Not a bad album all round however not something I would personally listen to regularly.