Kenny Chesney - 'The Big Revival'

With today's release of  The Big Revival (released yesterday in the UK) Kenny Chesney manages to blend both the laid back, thoughtful music of albums such as Life On A Rock and the rock style of albums such as Welcome To The Fishbowl and as such, I am sure many listeners will enjoy this new album.

American Kids was is the lead single from this new album and is a very strong choice. The toe-tapping appeal of the track comes from the guitar led base line and hand claps in the chorus and I am sure it is a track that will be repeated many times! Kenny's vocal sounds completely comfortable and the overall production toes the line between laid back and rocky very well.

For the first time since 2012's Welcome To The Fishbowl we hear the inclusion of Grace Potter in this album. You And Tequila proved Grace has a voice that is perfectly suited to country music and new release Wild Child ferments this. The duo's voices blend very well together and the production is big enough to add a sense of strength to the track without being overpowering.

After writing such emotive Kenny Chesney tracks as Sing 'Em Good My Friend and While He Still Knows Who I Am Tom Douglas teams up with Kenny himself to write the album closer If This Bus Could Talk and the song writing credentials do not disappoint. Whilst you would probably expect the track to be fairly stripped back instrumentally, it works well for having a strong drum beat and electric guitar accompaniment. Lyrics such as "we were starry eyed dreamers bouncing off the wall, oh the stories he could tell if this bus could talk" and "we caught lightening in a bottle, somehow we survived it all" feel very personal to Kenny with his twenty years of touring and he delivers them well.

I also found myself really liking Save It For A Rainy Day. The lyrical imagery behind this track is really strong with lines such as "the sun's too bright, the sky's too blue, the beer's too cold to be thinking about you" building a great picture. The melody has a strong drum beat but also manages to feel relaxed through it's long electric guitar notes and the acoustic guitar accompaniment.

Unfortunately Rock Bottom feels a little out of place within the album as a whole. The overall production feels a little heavy - primarily from the electric guitar - which sticks out compared to other songs. I've personally always thought that Kenny sings the softer, more relaxed tracks better than rockier numbers proves that in my opinion. The verses are also very short so it feels a little lyrically boring after a while as it seems a lot of lyrics are repeated.

Track listing....
1) The Big Revival - Dennis Linde
2) Drink It Up - Rodney Clawson, Vicky McGehee, David Lee Murphy
3) Til It's Gone - Rodney Clawson, David Lee Murphy, Jimmy Yeary
4) American Kids - Rodney Clawson, Shane McAnally, Luke Laird
5) Wild Child (feat. Grace Potter) - Kenny Chesney, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne
6) Beer Can Chicken - Kenny Chesney, Ross Copperman, David Lee Murphy
7) Rock Bottom - Craig Wiseman, Matt Dragstrem
8) Don't It (feat. Alison Krauss) - Brent Cobb, Chase McGill
9) Save It For A Rainy Day - Andrew Dorff, Matt Ramsey, Brad Tursi
10) Flora-Bama - Kenny Chesney, Ross Copperman, David Lee Murphy
11) If This Bus Could Talk - Kenny Chesney, Tom Douglas

It'll definitely be interesting to see the reception this album receives with it's aforementioned mix of influences. I certainly think that overall it is a great album and there is a lot here that will appeal to listeners. Definitely an album that is worth listening to! 

Kenny Chesney is one of the (many) rumoured acts for next year's Country To Country Festival in London and I would love to see him as part of the line up - you can read my predictions for the line up here