Merry Christmas everybody!


I wanted to take this moment to write a few specific thank-you's for the support this year.

Throughout the year the following artists have been good enough to give up some of their time to answer questions for me to feature on the site. Interviews have always been one of my favourite parts of the site, getting to chat with various artists is always fun! I hope you as readers also enjoyed reading them! Huge thank-you's have to go out to each and every person on this list and the PR and management teams that made each of these interviews happen (you know who you are!)
  • Meghan Linsey - link
  • Josh Scott Jones - link
  • Sarah Darling - link
  • Martina McBride - link
  • Cali Rodi - link
  • Caitlyn Smith - link
  • SaraBeth - link
  • Striking Matches - link
  • Kristian Bush - link
  • Daisy Mallory - link
  • Hailey Steele - link
  • The Cains Trio - link

I've also been able to join the contributing writer team at Maverick Magazine a few months ago. I have been with them for a few issues now and it continues to feel great seeing my name in print! The team there are so helpful so thank-you to them as well!

Many regular Twitter users will probably have come across Pete Street towards the later part of this year. He runs a regular Thursday night country music radio show from 8-10pm GMT and has been a brilliant supporter, regularly mentioning the week's current article and the site as a whole. I have previously chatted to him live on the show and there are already plans to continue that. I hope you all tune in to his show and I would like to thank him for all his support!

Hopefully you've all seen my various collaborative articles with Tara from She is a brilliant writer and a lovely person and it's been a lot of fun to collaborate with her! Thanks to Tara for her writing and for all her help with US music stats as well! Hopefully we'll get some more collaborations going next year.

My lovely site is now almost four years old and has gone from strength to strength this year, including recently travelling over 50,000 all time views! This time last year my review of LeAnn Rimes' Birmingham (UK) concert was my most read post with 1558 views, that is still the case apart from now the article sits on 3396 views! (Something that I am still thrilled about!) 

And finally, to you the reader. Whether this is the first article of mine you've read or the 183rd (and yes, I have written that many) you are truely appreciated. The site wouldn't be where it is without you and all the re-posts I have seen throughout the year. I hope you will stick with me, I already have some exciting articles planned for next year!

Have a great Christmas! I'll be back in a few weeks with one final article before 2015!