C2C 2015 - pop up stage schedule

With the announcement of this year's line up for the pop up stages I've decided to create as comprehensive a schedule as possible to help people keep a track of the artists (each set will be half an hour long). Each artist's set details are subject to change.

Acoustic Journey - March 7th, 3:40pm, Big Entrance stage

Angel Snow - March 7th, 1pm, The Saloon stage

Ann Doka - March 8th, 1pm, Town Square stage

Aubrie Sellers - March 7th, 3:20pm, The Saloon stage

Balsamo Deighton - March 8th, 11am, Big Entrance stage

Callaghan - March 7th, 2:50pm, Music Mile stage
                   March 8th, 3:40pm, Big Entrance stage

Carolynne Poole - March 7th, 4pm, Brooklyn Bowl stage

Case Hardin - March 7th, 1:55pm, Big Entrance stage (Pete solo)
                       March 8th, 3:15pm, Town Square stage

Chloë Chadwick - March 8th, 4:15pm, Big Entrance stage

Claydon Connor - March 8th, 11:30am, Town Square stage

David Bradley - March 7th, 1:30pm, Music Mile stage
                         March 8th, 12:10pm, Music Mile stage

Dexeter - March 8th, 2:30pm, Big Entrance stage

Dirty Beggars - March 7th, 12:15pm, Town Square stage

Ellie Dibben - March 8th, 11:30am, Music Mile stage

Emma Jade - March 8th, 3:20pm, The Saloon stage

Emma Jane - March 8th, 1:55pm, Big Entrance stage

Emma Swindells - March 7th, 12:45pm, Big Entrance stage

Fitzwallace - March 7th, 12:10pm, Music Mile stage

Flats & Sharps - March 8th, 4pm, Town Square stage

Gary Quinn - March 8th, 3:55pm, The Saloon stage

Goat Roper Rodeo Band - March 7th, 12pm, The Saloon stage

Hannah Jane Lewis - March 7th, 1pm, Town Square stage
                                   March 8th, 12:10pm, Big Entrance stage

Harper J - March 8th, 11:35am, Big Entrance stage

Holloway Road - March 7th, 12:10pm, Big Entrance stage

Hometown Show - March 8th, 12:50pm, Music Mile stage

Honey Ryder - March 7th, 4pm, Town Square stage
                       March 8th, 3:05pm, Big Entrance stage

InBlauK - March 7th, 11:30am, Music Mile stage

Jeannine Barry - March 8th, 12:15pm, Town Square stage

Jess & The Bandits - March 7th, 1:45pm, Brooklyn Bowl stage
                                  March 8th, 3:15pm, Brooklyn Bowl stage

Jess Roberts - March 7th, 11am, Big Entrance stage

Jon Randall & Jessi Alexander - March 7th, 3:15pm, Town Square stage
                                                      March 8th, 2:10pm, Music Mile stage

Katie Armiger - March 7th, 1:30pm, The Saloon stage
                           March 8th, 2:30pm, Brooklyn Bowl stage

Katie Nicholas - March 7th, 1:20pm, Big Entrance stage

Kimmie Rhodes - March 8th, 1pm, The Saloon stage

Laura Oakes - March 7th, 2:30pm, Town Square stage

Lewis & Leigh - March 7th, 4:10pm, Music Mile stage

Lisa Redford - March 8th, 2:10pm, The Saloon stage

Liv Austen & The Banned - March 7th, 4pm, Brooklyn Bowl stage

Loud Mountains - March 8th, 12pm, The Saloon stage

Luke and Mel - March 7th, 2:45pm, The Saloon stage

Lucy May -March 8th, 2:50pm, Music Mile stage

Megan O'Neill - March 7th, 11:35am, Big Entrance stage

Michele Stodart - March 8th, 1:30pm, Music Mile stage

Millers Daughter - March 7th, 4:15pm, Big Entrance stage

Mim Grey - March 7th, 3:30pm, Music Mile stage

Paul Carella - March 8th, 4:10pm, Music Mile stage

Pauper Kings (formerly McKay) - March 7th, 2:30pm, Brooklyn Bowl stage

Raintown - March 8th, 1pm, Brooklyn Bowl stage

Sam Hunt - March 7th, 2:10pm, Music Mile stage
                   March 8th, 1:45pm, Town Square stage

Sasha McVeigh - March 7th, 2:30pm, Big Entrance stage
                            March 8th, 2:45pm, The Saloon stage

Sonia Leigh - March 7th, 3:05pm, Big Entrance stage
                      March 8th, 3:30pm, Music Mile stage

Stephanie Manns - March 7th, 2:10pm, The Saloon stage
                               March 8th, 11am, Big Entrance stage

Steve Young - March 7th, 12:15pm, Brooklyn Bowl stage

Talia Simone - March 7th, 11:30am, Town Square stage

The Cains Trio - March 7th, 3:55pm, The Saloon stage
                           March 8th, 2:30pm, Town Square stage

The Dirty Beggars - March 7th, 12:15pm, Town Square stage

The James Clode Band - March 7th, 12:50pm, Music Mile stage

The Rising - March 8th, 1:20pm, Big Entrance stage

The Shires - March 7th, 1:45pm, Town Square stage
                    March 8th, 1:45pm, Brooklyn Bowl stage

The Tuesday Syndicate - March 8th, 4pm, Brooklyn Bowl stage

Ward Thomas - March 7th, 3:15pm, Brooklyn Bowl stage 
                         March 8th, 1:30pm, The Saloon stage

Winters Hill - March 8th, 12:45pm, Main Entrance stage

Woody Pines - March 8th, 12:30pm, The Saloon Stage

Worry Dolls - March 7th,12:30pm, The Saloon Stage

Here's to a great weekend full of music!