The Sweeplings - 'The Sweeplings'

pier+58-3408515382-O.jpgWhitney Dean and Cami Bradley form folk duo The Sweeplings. Their background is undoubtedly an interesting one, with Whitney living in Alabama and Cami living in Washington and the two only have brief face to face meetings to record and perform (check out this link for more on their story)

The duo released their debut self-titled EP featuring four tracks, Across The Sea, Give Me A Sign, Drop By Drop and Home on September 8th last year.

The EP opens with the soaring strings of Across The Sea. As with the rest of the EP, Cami Bradley takes the lead vocal and delivers a delicate performance that fits in with the rest of production nicely. It seems as though Whitney and Cami have written every track on the album however I can't confirm that. Lines such as "freedom is as far as we can see, darling if you'd just come with me" round out into a really sweet story and certainly if Whitney and Cami have written these tracks they should be commended.

Give Me A Sign has more of a driving beat behind it than Across The Sea, with more of a focus on the guitar and drum lines. It works nicely in showing that the duo can release songs with more of rocky edge to them. The contrast between the track as a whole and the short a cappella section at around 2 minutes 30 in is really effective and the track will undoubtedly (and unfortunately!) be over before you realise it, very smooth production and vocals.

In contrast, Drop By Drop glides smoothly on it's waltz timing. The duo's vocals travel perfectly with the beat of the production and once again sound at home. The growth and fade of the production and the strength of the vocals keeps the listener interested on what could otherwise be a very slow and maybe slightly boring track.

The EP is closed with Home. The only negative I would have of the track is that it feels as though the production overpowers the vocals at points - it is also, interestingly, the only track to start at one of it's loudest levels instrumentally. "Nothing can stop us, we create this place called Home" is a really nice lyric and the story of the track as a whole is based around that idea.

Track listing....
1) Across The Sea
2) Give Me A Sign
3) Drop By Drop
4) Home

Whitney and Cami should be incredibly happy with what they have released here and I would urge everybody to go and buy their EP as soon as you have finished reading this - UK listeners can have hard copies shipped through the duo's website or download digital copies from iTunes. They are both really strong vocalists and talented musicians (Whitney on guitar, Cami on piano) and I can't wait to hear what a full length album from them will sound like. I hope they can be convinced to play the UK soon!