Hannah Jane Lewis - 'Run With Me'

London based country-pop artist is poised to release her sophomore EP Run With Me on 17th January with a launch show at London's Borderline. Since the release of her debut EP (You can read my review here) Hannah has played as part of C2C: Country To Country and supported American duo Jill And Kate amongst other things and is set to release the lead single from this EP, First Time Feeling.

First Time Feeling opens the five track EP. With a driving drum beat the track's pace carries it along well, the only unfortunate part being that Hannah's vocal sounds a little uncomfortably breathy at points. With a lyrical hook of "I guess a part of my heart has stayed with you" the track is relatable and I am sure the catchy overall production will mean that it is repeated many times.

Whilst Run With Me is the title track of the EP, it is unfortunately one of my least favourite tracks. The production is simply too heavy throughout the majority of the track leaving the feel that the vocals are having to fight against the instrumentalisation. It's a shame as the lyrics are strong, with lines like "I know that love hasn't always gone your way....boy we'll never know unless we try, just run with me". 

The real stand out track is Worth The Wait. Probably the most 'country' sounding track of the five Hannah's vocals sound completely comfortable and the production is at a perfect level. A soft snare drum line leads the track and is added to with various other instruments that grow and fade throughout. At around two minutes in the track breaks down to just Hannah with single notes from slide guitar and acoustic guitar which is really effective as the production then builds back up. Really lovely track, I hope to see this as the next single!

As with her previous EP Hannah has included a reggae influenced track, this time in the shape of Stuck On You. It is definitely a good idea to include this, it shows Hannah's versatility and honestly works very well! If you have seen Hannah live you have most likely heard Tailored To You as it is usually included within her set. Tailored To You is a catchy track that I know is a popular track at shows so it is nice to see it included on the EP.

Hannah is undoubtedly a welcome addition to the UK country music scene and this second release shows that she will continue to grow and develop musically, I just hope we will get a full length release from her soon!