C2C: Country to Country 2015! - Lady Antebellum press conference

Lady Antebellum's press conference was the second conference I was able to attend on the second day of Country to Country. Read on for the questions posed to them and their answers.

Other country artists are still very nervous about coming to the UK and bringing their music outside of the US, you seem to have added the UK as a regular tour stop. What's the draw?
Hillary - The fans. The fact that the fans continue to show up every time they're able to be here, the loyalty, they know the ins and outs of the whole album not just the songs that are getting played on the radio. They're amazing! We do meet and greets before our shows and every person who comes up has a personal story that they share, how our music has impacted them which is the most heart warming compliment! We just love it over here, we really do, it feels like a second home.
Dave - We've come to London, I feel like five or six times and done so many great spots. Started at Shepherd's Bush and done Union Chapel and a few others and to end up here....
Charles - This is the bucket list
Dave - ....with a sold out crowd at the O2 is truly a dream come true. This is one you tell the grand kids about. It's a really huge moment for us and we don't take it for granted at all.
You guys played the C2C launch show in October and with it being and with it being a very small venue it still felt like you rocked the show. What can we expect with this being one of your bigger shows? 
Charles - Definitely a lot of high energy. I'll tell you, if this is anything like last night, I think our show last night in Dublin was one of my favourites in I don't know how long. There was just so much energy and the crowd allowed us to take them wherever we felt like going. I think we're going to bring some of that, some of the stuff that worked last night to the show tonight. There'll be a few little surprises, I think as we've evolved, anybody that's seen us from maybe from five or six years ago will notice a much more high energy set from us these days than maybe what were known for in the past. 
You guys have made some great videos, which has been your favourite so far?
Charles - I can go ahead and say that right now, the one that Kate Upton was in! [laughs] That was "Bartender". Yeah, Kate Upton, we asked her and I don't know why she said yes but she said yes. It was the first time Dave and I have shown up really early to a video shoot.
Hillary -  My favourite, I think just purely because it was so much fun to watch Charles and Dave be in cop uniforms running around like crazy people was "Downtown". It was really fun too and I actually ended up meeting, who's now one of my best friends, Beth Behrs from the show Two Broke Girls, she was my sidekick in the video so that was my favourite. 
"Long Stretch Of Love" is doing very well on the radio here and that's not a video yet.
Charles - No, it's actually going to be our single, it literally just came out in the States. That is probably our favourite song off the record.
Hillary - That's why we kicked off the record with it.
Charles - Yeah, we've been kind of wanting to put that single out from the very beginning and I'm glad that's it's finally out. It definitely represents, I think, where we are as a band and where we are from a live show perspective, it's in your face, it's a butt kicker.
We don't have country music in France and with songs like Need You Now you opened doors for people who hadn't listened to country music before so do you think that you are country music ambassadors?
Hillary - We take that as an absolute compliment. We love being able to travel all over the world away from where we grew up to perform these songs and "Need You Now" was that song for us. It truly opened up the door to the world for us and so, to be able to travel to these places is amazing and we'll always be so grateful to country music to how we've gotten to this point. Our heart and our soul is in country music and to be able to see how it's transcending borders and going all over the world is awesome. It's awesome to be a part of that.
Dave - It feels like an exciting moment. Especially with last night and all the other acts that have been playing, the CMA Songwriter's Series, all these acts that are playing during the day too, I just feel like country music is completely global now. It's really exciting to see that, I think people are really diving into these songs, diving into these artists and I think the songs are real. I think anyone that you've seen here the past few days, I think we all try to sing about what we know, what we go through, what we live and I think that's what's translating so well around the world. It's amazing to see and we feel the energy of that. Travelling around the world, we played in Paris a couple of years ago, and going to Australia coming up soon, we really feel I think that great response from everybody around the world for this format.
You've widened your pool of song writers that you use. you've used some new ones haven't you for this record?
Charles - Yeah, all kinds of different writers. I think for us going into our fifth record we knew it was time to mix it up. I think of all the band's I'm a big fan of and usually I own their first two or three records and then I kind of start zoning out. As an artist that's a tough thing, you really want to fight to kind of keep the interest so we did try to mix it up on this record, try some new things. On the last record with a song called "Compass" we even found a song that was a couple of Swedes that had done a track, what did they call themselves, Stargate? They had done a track that some guys in LA had written to and then of course we heard it and we turned it into a country song. I think again, it shows you how music is music. This whole genre defining kind of things sometimes keep people from actually maybe jumping in and checking out something like country music and they would probably enjoy it.
Well I think the songs you seem to choose, the lyrics people can relate to over here on the whole.
Hillary - Thank you, thank you.
Charles - Appreciate that. Well last night we performed a song off the record called "One Great Mystery", we wrote that with a guy named Josh Kear, who we wrote "Need You Now" with and it's songs like that, that's where we are in our lives. We're all happily married, Dave and Hillary each have a new kid, not together [laughs]
Hillary - That would start a rumour! [laughs]
Charles - You start thinking about a lot of those things and what got you here. It's definitely a lot of nostalgic stuff.
Hillary - When we think about just us as a band, if each one of us had made a different turn we would have never have ended up here. If Charles hadn't called Dave to move up to Nashville, if I hadn't walked into that bar....
Charles - And hit on me
Hillary - ....and complimented you! [laughs] we wouldn't be here. That's what that song is about, fate.
 Some of the people here know your mother!
Hillary - Yes! My mom, Linda Davis, she's keeping my little girl right now but she's toured over here with Reba and Kenny Rogers.
Of all the artists we've seen this weekend, you are the only ones who are quite famous in France, how did you feel when you came to France? Would you like to come back?
Hillary - Absolutely, we were in Paris for a couple of days, I think we did a radio performance and got to meet some of the people at radio. We would love to come back, we will go anywhere, if the fans are there and they want to come and watch us perform we would absolutely love to be there. We went to Nice for fun a couple of years ago before we had a show in Switzerland so to be right on the coast was amazing, just to see so many of these places.
Charles - France is such a romantic place, my wife came with me, just to be able to....we love food and restaurants and stuff....
Hillary - And the wine! [laughs]
Charles - Yes, and enjoy the wine [laughs] and all of it, even caught a little Burlesque show which was fun [laughs] It was great.
I don't think C2C would be going now if it wasn't for yourselves. A few years ago if you asked a young person if they liked country music, they'd say no but then you say do you like Lady Antebellum and they say oh brilliant. You've done that! And I think that's great.
Charles - Oh wow, appreciate it. 
Hillary - Thank you so much for saying that. There's a lot of artists that are starting to really invest their time here which I think is the smartest thing you could ever do. When we were playing Hyde Park we actually had the opportunity to meet one of our heroes Bruce Springsteen when we were there and he said if you invest your time here you will never regret it and you can come back for years and years and years. We took that to heart and are telling our friends back in the States to do the same thing. We just appreciate the love and we feel such a warm reception and the team that we have around us, our record label and everyone who works at the label here, over here and back in the States, our management, it's all working to make this go and so we have a lot of people to thank.
You've released various albums here, you've done various press, which album do you feel has had the most response from European fans?
Charles - Well, of course it's "Need You Now". That song has been amazing. I think it's like what Hillary touched on earlier, even last night for instance we were played half of our new record and half the audience were singing along to these songs that just came out and I think there's just a huge respect for the craft of making a record over here which I love. It's not just about the singles, it's about the whole record as a whole and the journey that it takes you through. It's hard to say....of course "Need You Now", that's the record that sold the most for us everywhere and it always probably gets the biggest response it really means a lot when you hear everybody singing to these new records as well. 
Lady Antebellum are certainly loved by the country music fans here and gave an amazing performance! I'm sure we'll see them back soon!