Cam - 'Welcome To Cam Country'

American country singer-songwriter Cam Ochs (known as just Cam) recently released her debut EP Welcome To Cam Country. Originally available exclusively on Spotify, the EP has since been released to other digital outlets on March 31st. Welcome To Cam Country includes four tracks, the previously released My Mistake opening the EP and then followed by Burning House, Half Broke Heart and Runaway Train.
My Mistake opens with a short a cappela section, already showcasing Cam's powerful vocal and distinctive tone. The track is incredibly catchy with a strong drum beat providing the base line and an upbeat melody that comes together to create a very strong track. As the first track released from this EP I'm sure quite a few country music fans will have already heard it, in my opinion it is a very clever decision to open the EP with this track as it reinforces Cam's talent for those who have heard it before and is undoubtedly a very impressive introduction for those country music fans who have not listened to it before.

The EP continues on with Burning House - which is undoubtedly my favourite track on the EP. The most stripped back track on Welcome To Cam Country, it really allows Cam to shine. With a fully acoustic production Burning House shows a stark other side to Cam and she sounds completely comfortable throughout. I know a lot of listeners have really gravitated towards the track and I, certainly, have played it many times already. Cam's vocal is heartfelt and emotive and contributes to what is certainly a gorgeous track.

The tempo picks up with the reggae influenced Half Broke Heart. The relaxed feel to the production bridges the gap between Burning House and Runaway Train nicely and the lyrics of the chorus are quick-witted, delivered with a gutsy feel that gives a strength to the track. Lines such as "a half truth's still a lie, I need my space is still goodbye" and "a half smoked cigarette's still smoked and a half broke heart's still broke" really hold the attention of the listener as they follow the story and are catchy enough to mean you will inevitably find yourself singing along very quickly.

Welcome To Cam Country closes with the rockiest track out of the four, Runaway Train. With a powerful drum beat and an almost frenetic guitar line, the track stands out from the other three, particular in the chorus. Cam certainly holds her own but this is personally my least favourite track from the EP. The drum beat is only prevalent during the chorus' and it is these that begin to feel as though there is too much production, perhaps suggesting the drum should be pulled back slightly to develop the track's overall sound.

Cam should be thrilled with what she has released here. Welcome To Cam Country is an incredibly strong selection of tracks and for a debut EP it just shows how much Cam will continue to grow. She is definitely an artist to watch, I would not hesitate to recommend that everybody purchase this EP. I will certainly be keeping an eye on how Cam develops, she is certainly an incredibly talented singer and song writer.