Ten favourite sad songs

Regular readers will hopefully be enjoying my various collaborative posts with the lovely Tara from www.thedailycountry.com (make sure you check out her website if you haven't already, she's a great writer and is always introducing me to new music), well we decided to both sit down and think of five songs that make us cry and here are the results. We'd love to know your thoughts! 


These songs are certainly not Top 40, but they are the songs that when they come on, get me extremely emotional. It might be the lyrics, the melody or a combination of both, but they always touch me. If you are not familiar with them, please give them a listen and let me know if they affect you as well.

This Brad Paisley duet with Alison Krauss - Heartbreaking

From his album The Believer, a Rhett Miller tune featuring Rachel Yamagata. Sadly beautiful.

Somewhere In Time
There are so many Reckless Kelly songs that bring me to tears, but their cover of this Pinto Bennett tune gets me every time. There's a sadness, a longing and hope in Wily Braun's vocals that just hit my heart.

Losing the love of your life after 57 years and counting down the days until you see her again. From Will Hoge's album Seven.

Still Think About You
Literally from the first note, I fill with tears. It's a sad, almost painful song from the melody to the lyrics that are used to express his sentiments. From William Clark Green's 21st April release Ringling Road (which I highly suggest you get)



You may or may not have heard of these tracks but these are five of the songs that really seem to make me feel very emotional. Like Tara says, whether it's the lyrics, melody or both, there is something within each of these songs that you can really connect with and feel the emotion behind. I'd be interested to know if anyone has ever listened to them and felt the same.
This was the track that immediately came to mind when first thinking about this topic. From Thompson Square's debut album, it is completely full of emotion with incredible vocals and a really touching story. A real goose bump moment track, Shawna's vocals in particular are just gorgeous. One of those songs where you're truly missing out if you've not heard it.

From Little Big Town's 2010 The Reason Why, it is the chorus that really gets to me with this song. Philip Sweet's soft lead vocals in the verses are merged with a inbuilt sense of strength in the chorus that comes together to make a really emotive track.

The Band Perry's 'break-through' single, an absolutely gorgeous track that has such a bittersweet lyric. I've heard it live a few times and however big the venue is you can always hear a pin drop. Undoubtedly The Band Perry at their strongest.

The closing track from Brett Eldredge's debut album. Brett has made no secret of the fact this track is very personal to him and you can really feel that. His vocal is amazing and the story is heartbreaking as well as having a sense of hope.

By far my favourite Zac Brown Band track from what is, in my opinion, their best album. I was in tears when I first heard this live and I am every single time I hear it. Zac's vocals are just full of emotion and the story is really touching.