Jesse Terry - 'The Calm & The Storm'

New EP The Calm & The Storm is Americana singer-songwriter Jesse Terry's fourth release, featuring six tracks (including a cover of Don McLean's Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)) The EP opens with my favourite track, the really touching Noise. Focused around the lyrical idea of "without your sweet voice, all the world is noise", the track has a lovely message and a soft, acoustic production that highlights Jesse's great vocal. He sounds completely comfortable throughout and I'm sure the track will be repeated by listeners many times. At around thirty seconds before the end of the track there is a quick moment where the production strips back to just Jesse singing and a second or so of silence afterwards, that is a gorgeous, goose bump moment, made more effective for the fact it lasts hardly any time at all.

I really found myself drawn to the reggae influenced Changing Of The Guard. It is a little surprising after the relaxed, smooth sound of the previous tracks on the EP and that is one of the reasons why I think it works so well. The production has a pacey feel to it whilst still managing to feel relaxed enough to tie in nicely with the rest of Jesse's EP. It shows another side of Jesse that works really well!

I also really like Free No More. Jesse manages to deliver a vulnerable, heartfelt vocal and you can really feel yourself just taken along by the delicate production. Lyrics such as "I've been rowing hard, on a boat with no compass" and "oh I don't want to be free no more" and the production as a whole combine to give the track a sad, almost mournful feel that is sure to really touch any listeners.

Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) is a very nice way to close the EP. From start to finish Jesse sounds completely at home and comfortable, showing he clearly knows what suits him and he does a really good job covering a Don McLean classic.

Track listing....
1) Noise (The Calm & The Storm Version)
2) Never Heard The Storm
3) End Of The World
4) Changing Of The Guard
5) Free No More
6) Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)

Overall, I was really impressed by what I heard on the EP and Jesse should be proud of what he has released here. His backing vocalist and musicians should also be commended, all are clearly talented and definitely add to the EP. I would recommend anyone purchases The Calm & The Storm (not currently available in the UK), it is definitely a valuable addition to any music fan's collection. Jesse has lots of US tour dates on his website (here) and you can expect to see some UK tour dates starting to appear on there so keep an eye out!