The Lovelocks - 'The Lovelocks'

I was recently introduced to the music of Canadian alt-country duo The Lovelocks. Formed by Ali Raney and Zoe Neuman, the duo released their debut self-titled EP on February 11 last year. The EP contains six tracks: Dance, Life Goes On, 18 & 17, He's My Man, Teardrop Tattoo and Darlin' Don't Cry.

Whilst researching the duo I found a passage describing them as a mix of The Dixie Chicks and The Lumineers and I couldn't agree more, with the duo's vocals being reminiscent of The Dixie Chicks (particularly the earlier music) and the overall production of the EP, with it's focus on fiddle and mandolin.

This is particular evident in the EP opener, Dance. The track's upbeat melody comes from it's strong drum beat and the interweaving mandolin and fiddle lines (amongst other instruments). Lyrics such as "Find a song, feel the beat, come on honey move your beat" and "sway, sway to the beat in your chest" compliment the upbeat, catchy melody of the track and it is a undoubtedly a very strong, and very catchy, feel good track.

The gutsy Teardrop Tattoo is another great track, Lyrically focused around the idea of "I'm gonna get a teardrop tattoo to remind myself to stay away from you" the duo deliver the track very well. At only two minutes and six seconds long Teardrop Tattoo is considerably shorter than the other tracks on the EP and, having listened to the EP multiple times, I always feel as though it is over too soon. The lyrics are delivered in a light-hearted, almost sarcastic way, that I'm sure many listeners will find themselves drawn to.

Photo credit: Stephen MacLeod
The duo also combine upbeat songs such as Dance with slower, softer tracks like 18 & 17. Ali and Zoe also alternate lead vocals throughout 18 & 17, showing they both have strong voices. The EP also holds the rockier sounding He's My Man, both tracks showing other dimensions to the duo's music.

This debut EP from The Lovelocks is undoubtedly strong and the duo themselves have since been nominated for multiple awards. Whilst not a perfect EP (there are times the duo's voices seem to clash slightly) it certainly sets the duo up well for any future and further releases. I'd definitely recommend listening!