Logan Brill - 'Shuteye'

Knoxville native Logan Brill released her sophomore album Shuteye on June 2nd - you can click here for my thoughts on her first album. Logan has co-written two of the ten tracks on the album, with other tracks featuring such well-known song-writers as Natalie Hemby, Chris Stapleton and Lori McKenna amongst others.

Whilst I found myself drawn to a lot of the tracks on this album the closing track, I Wish You Loved Me, would have to be my favourite. With the opening acoustic accompaniment and subsequent instrumental progression Logan's heartfelt, emotive vocal is really highlighted and you, as a listener, are immediately impressed by how strong that vocal is. Logan's vocal combined with the sadness behind the lyrics creates a really gorgeous, emotional track that is a credit to both her and the song-writers.

The Woman On Your Mind is another strong track. The solid drum line works really well as the main accompaniment in the track with the quieter electric guitar line providing a slight rock influence. If you listen closely you can pick out backing vocals from David Nail, Logan and David's voices work really well together, making me hope we might hear a full duet in the future.

One of my favourite lines in the album comes from World Still Round. "Until a spark catches, you gotta keep on striking matches till you find the one that burns" seems to sum up the track well and the lyrics as a whole are delivered with a strength that matches the production with it's punchy drum line. The production and lyrics combine to create a really catchy track! (I also really liked the chorus of Far Cry From You).

Lee Ann Womack fans may recognise The Bees from her 2008 release. The relaxed feel to the production really suits Logan and the lyrics paint a very clear picture for the listener. The comfortable melody creates a track that I'm sure will fast become a favourite for many listeners and also adds another dynamic to the album.

Out of the two rockier tracks on the album I would have to say I prefer Don't Pick It Up (Shuteye being the other track) Lines like "don't say hello, then I'll know that door is closed, the window's shut" and "the bottle's empty, there's something in me that's gotta call I know it's wrong" are delivered with a gutsy attitude that creates a great story. The blues/rock mix in the production works really well and the reoccurring mandolin hook adds more of a country feel to the track.

Track listing....
1) Shuteye - Ryan Tyndell, Bryan Simpson
2) World Still Round - Logan Brill, Scooter Carusoe
3) The Woman On Your Mind - Mando Saenz, Neil Coty
4) Don't Pick It Up - Brent Cobb, Neil Medley
5) Far Cry From You - Tony Lane, Jess Brown, Robin English
6) The Bees - Natalie Hemby, Daniel Tashian
7) Where Rainbows Never Die - Chris Stapleton, Mike Henderson
8) Halfway Home - Lori McKenna, Barry Dean
9) Tupelo - Logan Brill, Trevor Thornton
10) I Wish You Loved Me - Don Schlitz, Jordyn Shellhart

With the release of Shuteye Logan Brill firmly places herself as a force to be reckoned with within country music.  The musicians, backing vocalists and song-writers involved in the project - as well as the rest of the team of course - help to bring everything together to create an incredibly strong album that deserves, in my opinion, a place in any music fans collection. Logan has significantly raised the bar from her debut album (which I really liked!) and I'm sure I will have this album playing on repeat for a long time yet! Trust me, buy it now.