Ten favourite happy songs


It seems that most of my happy songs aren’t necessarily happy lyrically, but happy because of the memories associated with them. For this edition of our “Ten Favourite,” I chose the ones that always make me smile when they come on my player.

“Celebrity” - I love anything with humor and this song is witty and funny. Hearing it and thinking about the video always bring a smile to my face.

There are a plethora of Dierks Bentley songs that make me happy for many reasons, but two of my favorites are “Lot of Leavin’ Left To Do” “Fiddlin’ Around.” The former always makes me happy because it brings back memories of Dierks doing what he does best: being great to his fans. The latter, which is my all-time favorite Dierks’ song, makes me wish he would do another bluegrass album.

“My Heart’s Got A Memory” - Again, difficult to choose a specific EC song that makes me happy, but this one is it.

“Every Girl” - Listen to this and tell me how you cannot be happy. Anxiously waiting for new music from the Turnpike Troubadours who are currently working on a new album.

“Crazy Eddie’s Last Hurrah” - I know, I know how can a song about killing your ex be a “happy” song? Well, it’s not lyrically, but melodically it is and when you see Reckless play it live you can’t help but smile. The reaction from the crowd is immediate and intense and you can see the guys love it and for that, it makes the list.



After crying loads with our last "Ten Favourite" I was quite excited to be looking at happy tracks! Some of these jumped to mind immediately and others required a bit more thought but every one of them leaves me feeling happy after listening.

"Flip-flops" - Brilliantly funny track from Kristian Bush's debut solo album. The reggae feel to the production works really well and the lyrics can't fail to make you chuckle.

"Pavement Ends" - It is, I'm sure by now, quite well known that I'm a huge Little Big Town fan. Pavement Ends makes this list because of it being the first Little Big Town track I've ever heard live, holding memories of just being thrilled to finally get to see them perform (and it's a great track!)

"Dream Away" - One of Caitlyn Smith's best tracks, she's a great singer and song-writer and the whole track is really sweet with a touching sense of hope behind it.

"That Song In My Head" - I definitely miss music from Julianne Hough, one of the best tracks from her first (and only) album. Such a catchy track, the melody leaves you immediately wanting to tap your foot along. The lyrics are so true!

"That's The Way" - One of my favourite ever Jo Dee Messina tracks, it makes me smile just to hear the opening few chords. A great song it just turn up loud and sing along (and I have done multiple times!) 


So there you have it! We'd love to know your thoughts and your favourite happy songs!