Ten favourite road-trip songs


For some reason when I think of a road-trip I always picture a convertible travelling down Route 66 so that is went I went with here. To me road-trip tracks always need to have a solid beat, be catchy and make you want to sing along and I hope you'll agree the tracks below tick all of those boxes!

Born To Fly - I didn't even have to think about putting this track on the list, a track with a great melody that means you really can't fail to be tapping your foot (at the very least!) seconds into the track. Sara Evans gives a great, gutsy vocal and, particularly in the chorus, the whole combination of production, melody and vocals makes you want to turn it up loud and sing along. Even some of the lyrics work with the theme of a road-trip!

When They're Gone (Lyle County) - A great collaboration from David Nail and Little Big Town. The track builds really cleverly from the beginning, taking you, as a listener along with it. It doesn't ever get incredibly upbeat or rocky but that is why it really works, the almost 'laid back' feel to the overall production combines really well the strong, steady drum beat (with occasional hand claps keeping that solid beat going)

Save It For A Rainy Day - Whilst probably not what most people would think of when asked to pick road-trip tracks, this Kenny Chesney track would be a great addition. Save It For A Rainy Day manages to merge a great story with a strong production that makes a track you will want to sing along to and hear lots.

Singing Me Home- Lady A certainly released an impressive, reggae influenced track in the shape of Singing Me Home. The melody, particularly the guitar hook, is undoubtedly catchy and the track as a whole blends country, pop and reggae influences really successfully.

Ride - This is quite possibly my favourite Martina McBride song ever, love the story behind it and it also seems perfect for a road-trip. Great song to really belt out when you're singing along!



I have taken many a road trip in my time and part of the joy of said trip is making the proverbial mix tape. It’s one of the reasons I love long drives: being able to have the windows open and the sun shining down all whilst my favourite tunes play. It is incredibly difficult to narrow this list to five, but here goes!

Ragged As The Road (Reckless Kelly) - It’s the perfect road trip song that celebrates the journey and the possibilities.“This road lies ahead like life on a brush/It's a virgin canvas free from human touch/And it's ours for the taking or the leaving behind/It's a ghost of the past with a future to find.”

Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go) (Dierks Bentley) - Again, the lyrics are key for me to this one. Radio blaring some Ragweed, memories being made and embracing the journey. “If you only get to go around one time/I'm gonna sit back and try to enjoy the ride.”

Pink and Yellow Packets (The Washers) - Every time this song from the Texas based band comes on, I turn it up, sing along at the top of my lungs and tap my hand on the wheel. The tune, about finding the one to spend forever with, is under three minutes long and I always find myself pressing repeat.

Hurt Again (Micky and the Motorcars) - These guys make some of the best music you might not have heard. “Hurt Again” starts off like an engine revving and makes me want to put the pedal to the gas and go.It’s not a happy tune, it’s about getting hurt in relationships, but it’s my favourite song from my favourite album of 2014, Hearts From Above.

Big City (Merle Haggard) - I chose this one because I lived and worked in the big city (NYC) and every time I leave it I feel like I am being turned loose and set free.

Okay, I am throwing in a #6 because I cannot pick five! 
On My Way Downtown (Lucero) - It’s not “country” but it’s a great horn filled, catchy as all get out track perfect for a road trip from a great band that you should give a listen. 


So there you have it! Let us know your thoughts!