Kirstie Lovelady - 'Cry Wolf'

I was recently introduced to the music of Nashville native Kirstie Lovelady. Kirstie released her debut EP in September of last year. Containing five tracks, the EP travels through various different influences whilst staying firmly rooted in country music.

The gorgeous Meet Jesus has to be my favourite track on the EP. The simple acoustic guitar opening instrumentalisation means the listener's focus is immediately on Kirstie's heartfelt, delicate vocal. The production does build slightly throughout the track (as does the power behind Kirstie's vocal) but it never becomes overpowering and lines like "I wanna live my life with no regrets, I'm not perfect, I'm gonna do my best" and "consequences I can't afford to pay anymore, I can't do it anymore" are delivered with a combination of strength and delicacy that really draws the listener in and connects with them.

Whiskey Don't Leave is another strong track. It's waltz timing means allows for comfortable listening melodically and, as with Meet Jesus, the production is at a level to allow Kirstie's vocal to be the main focus of the track. It comes across really strongly throughout the EP that Kirstie is able to deliver a really impressive soft, emotive, track - something that I hope is built upon once she is ready to release a full length album.

The country-pop influenced Simple Livin' sits comfortably in the middle of the EP. A departure from the overall sound of the previous two tracks, Simple Livin' has a pacey melody with guitar/banjo/mandolin lead. Unfortunately it does start to feel a little frenetic after a while, leaving the listener wanting a change of pace after a while, however the basic idea behind the track definitely works well.

Track listing....
1) Devil On Both Shoulders
2) Meet Jesus
3) Simple Livin'
4) Whiskey Don't Leave
5) Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf is a very strong debut EP and it sets a good platform for development for future releases. Currently only available digitally in the UK, I would recommend everybody listens to Meet Jesus if nothing else, really gorgeous track!