Take me Down To The Water

Country music trio The Cains are poised to release their new, self-titled EP on July 21st. Featuring five tracks (including a re-recording of the previously released Smoke On The Hill) the EP showcases a more mature, developed sound than listeners heard in the trio's first album - you can find my review of that album here.

I adore Down To The Water, it's a brilliant track and one that encourages you to turn it up loud and sing along. The gospel style production is very successful in that it adds another dynamic to the trio's music as well as allowing their voices to shine through, particularly through the short stripped back section where the gospel styling of the track is really played upon with a choir style vocal introduced. I've been able to see The Cains perform this track live a couple of times and it is always popular with the audience, the trio exude an energy through both the studio recording and any live performance that draws you in and makes you want to hear the track again and again.

Journey's End is the trio's current single and the EP's opening track. The opening strong, solid drum beat combines well with the piano hook to set up both the track and the EP as a whole. The lyrics of the track are really sweet with lines such as "when you call out my name I can feel it" and "when you look to the stars let them guide you, I'll be there at your journey's end" delivered with a sense of emotion that seems to build throughout the track, allowing the bridge and final chorus to be almost punched out.

Knock Knock is the only track on the EP that non of The Cains were involved in writing but that doesn't in anyway diminish the performance. The bluesy feel takes full advantage of the trio's tones and the production travels through various set-ups that keeps the track interesting and leaves listeners feeling pleasantly surprised, as the majority will not have previously heard the track.

Track listing....
1) Journey's End - Taylor Cain, Madison Cain, Becki Devries
2) Knock Knock - Jaida Dreyer, Stephony Smith, Dave Thompson
3) Smoke On The Hill - Billy Lawson, Ed Hill, Taylor Cain, Madison Cain
4) Down To The Water - Taylor Cain, Madison Cain
5) Miss Red, White And Blue - Taylor Cain, Madison Cain, Logan Cain, Becki Devries

The Cains Tour DatesThe Cains are set to return to the UK in September to support Sasha McVeigh on her tour - I'd definitely suggest getting tickets if you can! 

This is truly a brilliant EP that The Cains should be proud of. Whilst Journey's End, Smoke On The Hill and, particularly, Down To The Water are in my opinion the strongest tracks, the EP as a whole showcases a group who are clearly comfortable with each other, are all talented song-writers and vocalists and have a great group of musicians behind them. I would, without a doubt, tell everyone to buy this EP, it is a welcome addition to any music fan's collection from a group who I'm sure will go far.