Lauren Ashley & The Trainwreckers - 'Lauren Ashley & The Trainwreckers'

Georgian native Lauren Ashley and her band The Trainwreckers (comprised of Jasen Rauch, Brian Bonds, Jay Gorman and Lester Estelle) released their debut self-titled EP on 16th June. Holding six full length tracks, the EP is firmly rooted in the rockier side of country music, helped by Lauren's powerful, confident vocal.

After the steam train whistle Intro (which works incredibly well!), the EP opens with my favourite track Trainwreckers. The solid, punchy drum beat opening combined with Lauren's distinctive tone promises a rocky, gutsy track and Trainwreckers does not disappoint. The overall melody is very catchy and the chorus encourages you to sing along, great track! The following track, Rebel Child, steps up the rock influence introduced in Trainwreckers and is a track reminiscent of some of Miranda Lambert's rockier songs. 

The group deal with domestic abuse in the touching, powerful track Let 'Em Scream. Lines such as "the wolf is real, not just a bad dream" and "we fall through the cracks and tumble on the wrong side" are delivered with a heartfelt sense of strength that I am sure listeners will be drawn to - a difficult subject dealt with very well. My only suggestion would be that it would be nice to hear the production stripped back more, allowing for a more delicate performance.

Not Right Now is my other favourite track on the EP with a catchy chorus that, as with Trainwreckers, encourages singing along (something that I'm sure is great to see live!) The lyrics are delivered with a gutsy attitude that seems to suit Lauren well and the verses are, whilst still rocky, some of the more instrumentally stripped back verses in the whole EP, meaning the overall track has a nice dynamic.

Track listing....
1) Intro
2) Trainwreckers
3) Rebel Child
4) Let 'Em Scream
5) Nowhere Freeway
6) Up In Flames
7) Not Right Now

This EP from Lauren Ashley & The Trainwreckers is undoubtedly rockier country but it is clearly something the group feel comfortable in, the tracks are well produced, Lauren's vocal sounds great and the production is on point. I am interested and excited to see how this EP is built upon once a full length album is released, as I mentioned, I'd really like to see a couple of numbers with more stripped back production. I would definitely suggest everyone listen to this, Lauren Ashley & The Trainwreckers already sound slick and, in my opinion, could go far.