Yes Dear - 'Yes Dear'

Joey Boone, Locke Sandahl and Josh Jackson form country trio Yes Dear. Their debut CD was released in December 2014 and holds eight tracks. The trio are described as "If the Eagles met Van Morrison and went bowling with Jimmy Buffett who was on a 3-way phone call with James Taylor and John Mellencamp backstage at a concert where Tom Petty was opening for the Beatles" (which makes me chuckle!) and hail from Nashville, Tennessee.

Things That Little Girls Do is an incredibly sweet song and is, in my opinion, the real gem on the album. The track showcases the trio's vocals, song-writing and musicianship in equal measure, The vocals are delivered with a heartfelt sense of emotion that makes the listener feel that the track is very personal to the trio whilst still feeling that they, as an 'outsider', can relate to the lyrics. As with the other tracks on the album, Things That Little Girls Do is completely acoustic and this undoubtedly adds to the atmosphere created by lines such as "I like the way she decorates my old truck with Barbie stickers" and "I never dreamed a guy like me could love things that little girls do". Even though the track sits comfortably at 3 minutes 48 seconds long it feels like it's over far too quickly, honestly a really lovely song.

Na Na feels like a great laid-back track and it makes for very comfortable listening. The production is really sharp, with it's acoustic guitar led melody and relaxed pace. It's a track that definitely makes you want to play it again! Baby Don't Go is another strong track, being one of two covers on the album (the other being Rusty Old American Dream). The chorus' are definitely the strongest part of the track and are where the trio's harmonising really shines. I do wish they had played upon the a cappella opening more, it's pleasantly surprising and really showcases the vocals but is only just under twenty seconds long.

Track listing....
1) Train Bound For Anywhere
2) If You Weren't Here Today
3) Things That Little Girls Do
4) Rusty Old American Dream
5) Rosa
6) Na Na
7) Somebody Like You
8) Baby Don't Go

I would certainly classify Yes Dear as unashamedly Americana, they have developed a consistent sound that shows they clearly know what they're good at. Things That Little Girls Do is definitely the high point of the album - whilst I found myself feeling the rest of the album was quite strong, it didn't really draw me in as Things That Little Girls Do did. I feel like staunch Americana fans will really like the album and I'd definitely recommend they take a listen - although I would say everyone needs to listen to Things That Little Girls Do