Lucie Silvas - 'Letters To Ghosts'

Letters To Ghosts, Lucie Silvas' first album in nine years, sees her return with a bang. English native Lucie firmly places herself as a force to be reckoned with and also fits smoothly into Americana with the release of Letters To Ghosts rather than the pop orientated sound of her previous two albums.

The album opens with the title track - a track that reminds you of something Mumford & Sons or The Lumineers would release - and which suits Lucie very well. The chorus in particular immediately grabs you and encourages you to sing along, the mandolin hook leading a very infectious production.

There were a lot of tracks that stood out for me on this on this album, but How To Lose It All seems to be the real gem out of these in my opinion. Lucie pours a gutsy attitude into her vocal that is perfect for the track and seems completely comfortable in the track, even though the chorus calls for quite a powerful vocal at points.The pacey production is clearly well thought through as it grows and fades exactly where it needs to, I imagine this is also a great track to hear live.

With a very different to How To Lose It All, Roots sees Lucie give a very emotive vocal performance. With lines like "anyone could look around, think all is well above the ground" and "I'm not ready to lose you yet" the emotion in the track is sure to really connect with listeners. The instrumentalisation is mainly led by a steady drum line, with other instrumental lines coming in and out as needed, the really stripped back moments being some of the strongest and really highlighting both the lyrics and Lucie's vocal.

"Whatever it is, it ain't strong enough to break unbreakable us" cements the brilliant Unbreakable Us. The track's pace comes from two main guitar and mandolin lines and, once again, Lucie delivers an unshakably strong vocal, channelling a vulnerability in the verses and a strength in the chorus that blends to create a really compelling track.

Track listing...
1) Letters To Ghosts - L. Silvas, J. Green
2) Smoke - L. Silvas, J. Irvin, J. Emery
3) Find A Way - L. Silvas, J. Emery
4) Roots - L.Silvas, J. Floyd
5) Unbreakable Us - L.Silvas, J. Beyer, J. Floyd
6) How To Lose It All - L. Silvas, I. Fitchuk, J. Beyer
7) Shame - L. Silvas, J. Beyer
8) Pull The Stars Down - L. Silvas, J. Green, I. Fitchuk
9) Villain - L. Silvas, M. Morris, D. Barnes
10) Happy - L. Silvas, G. Kearns, J. Tzuke
11) You Got It - R. Orbison, J. Lynne, T. Petty 

Lucie often tours the US and it seems we may be set to see a full UK tour from her, January 21st seeing her first date London date in eight years with whispers about more coming soon. Full tour dates can be found on her website here.

Lucie undoubtedly shines throughout the impressive Letters To Ghosts. Slower, stripped back tracks are merged with gutsy, upbeat numbers (alongside a great cover of Roy Orbison's You Got It!) to create a varied album that is sure to draw listeners in and keep them coming back to hear these tracks again and again. Having co-written ten out of the eleven tracks it is clear Lucie is a talented song-writer and it is no surprise that the album comes across as feeling very personal to her.

Trust me, you need this album.