Ten favourite songs to get you out of bed


Many music junkies have a list of songs for every occasion and then some. This month Kasey and I thought we would write about the songs that help us greet the day, and get us out of bed every morning with joy (however joyful leaving that warm comfy bed can be). My own list changes as new music comes out and things catch my ear, so these are the songs that are currently getting me up and helping me chug along in the best way possible.

“Ragged As The Road” Reckless Kelly - A road tune with lyrics and melody that are perfect for getting the day going.

“Bossier City” Turnpike Troubadours - That harmonica does it for me every time, the energy is infectious and makes you want to move (even if it is to go to work).

“40 Days and 40 Nights”  The Black Lillies - A story of their first tour that keeps things up-tempo and slightly frenzied (the way some days can be).

“Keep On” Eric Church-  A bar-room altercation over a female with a pulsating energy that gives that extra something to get ya out of bed. And those words which, if taken in isolation, can be very encouraging.

“Runaround” The Roosevelts - A break up song with mandolin and an infectious melody that you’ll be humming all day.



With the winter season really embedded around this time of year Tara and I got to thinking about a theme to go along with that. Songs to get you out of bed every morning and ready for the day (however miserable the weather might be!) seemed like a perfect idea. I often find these are also perfect songs to sing along to so you'll also find those on this list!

"Good People" Little Big Town - This was the first song that sprung to mind when thinking about this article. Kimberly Schlapmann's lead vocal is brilliant, the track really suits her (and is very under-rated!). The solid beat throughout the track gives a power to it, it's a perfect track to turn up loud and sing along!

"Saturday Night" Jo Dee Messina - For a song to keep you coming back fifteen years after it was released it's got to be good! Guaranteed to leave you feeling great whenever you listen to it, incredibly hard to stop yourself dancing along!

"John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16" Keith Urban - Keith manages to merge reggae and rock influences to create a great song! Definitely a different feel to it than Saturday Night and Good People but still one that works really well to get you of bed in the morning!

"Wild At Heart" Gloriana - This track is honestly the track I use for my alarm so it must be doing something right! One of the best tracks of Gloriana's when they were still a quartet, the opening drum line draws you in and the lyrics seem perfect for the idea of getting you up and going in the mornings.

"Half Broke Heart" Cam - Similar to Keith's track in that Half Broke Heart isn't necessarily the rocky, heavy production you may expect but Cam's reggae influenced track has an incredibly catchy melody that I can guarantee you'll be singing all day. 


So there you have it! Let us know what you think about our suggestions and let us know your own ten favourite tracks!