Cam - 'Untamed'

Cam 'Untamed'Camaron Ochs, better known simply as Cam, released her debut full length album yesterday, Friday 11th December. Having raised everyone's expectations from this album with the release of her EP earlier this year (check out my review here if you haven't already) Cam doesn't disappoint.

The four tracks from the Welcome To Cam Country EP (Burning House, My Mistake, Runaway Train and Half Broke Heart) all feature here, alongside seven new tracks. Whilst I really enjoyed Cam's EP I do think it might have been nicer to have not included any of the tracks on Untamed, allowing room for even more new music.

Title track Untamed opens the album with it's infectious, toe-tapping melody. The only unfortunate negative with the track is the harmonica use feels a little messy in combination with the rest of the production. Other than that though, it is undoubtedly a catchy choice to open the album with!

The bluesy influence behind Country Ain't Never Been Pretty creates a very compelling track alongside lyrics like "if your head's on straight, your hair will be fine". Guaranteed to make you chuckle at various points, the track portrays a strong story in a tongue in cheek way that seems to work surprisingly well.

The emotional Village has to be one of the highlights from Untamed. An interesting choice to close the album, the track really highlights Cam's vocal and is, lyrically, sure to be relatable to - and mean a lot to - many people. Village urges you to keep repeating it again and again and as a listener you feel completely swept away in every aspect of the track. Undoubtedly a really touching track, the only thing that stops it being absolutely gorgeous is it does feel like a lot of the lyrics are repeated, so much so that it feels as though you are aware of that more than you necessarily should be.

Mayday has quickly become one of my favourite tracks and is, in my opinion, the best track on the album. The delicacy behind the lyrics merges well with the strength behind Cam's vocal and the overall production. Led by a solid, heavy drum line, the beat remains distinct throughout the track and helps that sense of strength that works so well. The production is pitched at a level that supports Cam's vocal but gives enough of a backdrop to Mayday to support the overall sound and create a compelling track.

Track listing....
1) Untamed - Camaron Ochs, Tyler Johnson, Casey Beathard
2) Hungover On Heartache - Camaron Ochs, Tyler Johnson, Zachary Werner
3) Mayday - Camaron Ochs, Tyler Johnson
4) Burning House - Camaron Ochs, Tyler Johnson, Jeff Bhasker
5) Cold In California - Camaron Ochs, Tyler Johnson, Jeremy Spillman
6) My Mistake - Camaron Ochs, Tyler Johnson
7) Runaway Train - Camaron Ochs, Anders Mouridsen, Jeff Bhasker
8) Half Broke Heart - Camaron Ochs, Luke Laird, Tyler Johnson
9) Want It All - Camaron Ochs, Tyler Johnson, Phil Vassar
10) Country Ain't Never Been Pretty - Camaron Ochs, Anders Mouridsen
11) Village - Camaron Ochs, David Manzoor, Natalie Murphy

Untamed is a very strong album that cements Cam's place in modern country music. Merging upbeat, poppy sounding tracks with softer, heartfelt numbers you really get a sense of the story behind each track, I imagine it is a great album to hear live! Impressive album from a talented artist.