Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody!

This always seems like a good time to say a few thank-you's (as I have the past few years) and I wanted to continue on with that this year.

Throughout the year I have been able to post interviews with various artists. I always love being able to chat with artists and song-writers, I really appreciate that they've all taken time out to answer some questions for me, interviews have always been my favourite part of the site and that certainly remains so. I wholeheartedly appreciate the support of the artists themselves and their teams as a whole (you know who you are!) It's been a lot of fun and I hope everybody has enjoyed reading them! I've also been able to see Little Big Town, The Cains Trio, Will Hoge and Jesse Terry this year (as well as artists such as Kip Moore, Katie Nicholas and Aubrie Sellers at Country to Country in March) and each of them put on a brilliant show so a huge thank you to them as well!
  • Juliette Vara - link
  • Kip Moore - link
  • Frankie Ballard - link
  • Striking Matches - link
  • Kristian Bush - link
  • Jess & The Bandits - link
  • Megan O'Neill - link
  • Will Hoge - link
  • Sasha McVeigh & Sonia Leigh - link
  • Hannah Blaylock - link
  • Alex Stern - link
  • Hailey Whitters - link
  • Logan Brill - link
  • Jesse Terry - link
  • Lisa Wright - link
  • Jessica Meuse - link
  • Charlie Worsham - link
  • Lori McKenna - link

I have continued to be a part of the contributing team at Maverick Magazine this year, something that has been great fun! It's certainly opened my eyes to a lot of new music!

Hopefully the majority of you will have seen my various "ten favourite...." articles with Tara from and the CMA award predictions. I hope you all enjoyed reading them, Tara is a great writer and it's been a lot of fun chatting with her about various aspects of country this year! We're already planning the first "ten favourite...." article for next year so stay tuned!

As my all-time site views have been steadily increasing throughout this year the difference between now and this time last year has passed me by but I have just checked and I was incredibly shocked to find my lovely site has had almost 40,000 views this year (!), That is honestly absolutely jaw-dropping for me, I can't thank each and every one of you enough. I'm really looking forward to seeing that counter creep over 100,000 views in 2016 and it will also be the fifth birthday of my site in March! Rest assured I'm in the process of planning a really exciting competition to go along with that!

Finally I wouldn't be able to do any of this without you the reader, I appreciate all of you so very much. I hope my site has helped you discover at least one artist that you haven't heard of before and, equally, I hope you've enjoyed any articles you may have seen about your favourite artists! 

I hope everybody has an amazing Christmas and New Year, see you in 2016!